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Staycation in NYC

trapeze school nyc

New York City is full of excitement and fabulous things to do as you’ve all seen on Sex and the City. The lights are always on, pizza shops stay open, there’s always new people to meet and new things to do. Being a born and raised gal from NYC, I’ve seen A LOT, but also haven’t taken advantage of it’s full potential. What does NYC have to offer? I live here, I’ve walked by it, looked up and seen it or breathed around certain landmarks and that was enough for me– until now. This year I made a promise to myself that I would finally follow-through on some of my bucket list things!

All vacations we take are always with the kids– those gorgeous loud-mouth-crying-kids– and in all honestly we love it, but we needed a little mommy/daddy time and decided instead of going on a full vacation where we would spend tons of money and PACK, why not do a STAYCATION!!?

OH, you don’t know what that is? A vacation spent at or near your own home, rather than traveling to another location– enjoy what’s available here in NYC.

Chime babysitting services

We finally had time in our schedules to book a staycation so we quickly booked a babysitter from Chime. I know, I know a babysitter, me? Yes! I had such a good experience the first time (as you can read here) I had no qualms about booking again through Chime. If you’re interested in trying them out definitely read my post and grab this code “Betsy” for 4 hours of free babysitting (worth $75.

Our staycation date…

Since we got to our date super early we decided to get on the Citibikes and trek over to Chelsea market and get something small– tacos at Los Tacos! We’re always at Chelsea market since that’s where the Youtube office is, but never get to enjoy the shops there. We heard great reviews from their taco shop we grabbed a quick bite before heading back.

Alright, enough anticipation– if you didn’t guess yet by the picture– we decided to spend our staycation doing trapeze fun! Remember that episode of ‘Sex and the City’ when Carrie went to the piers and threw herself in the air? Yeah, that was the trapeze. I needed to do that and so I did! The trapeze school has been there for years so it’s like something you have to try and do if you’re from NY. I was scared out of my mine as you can see here, but after I almost died and realized I have a slight fear of heights, it was actually kind of fun! For more on the trapeze school and how to sign up check out their website.

After a good sweat session (it decided to be 90 out that day), we moseyed on over to BIg Gay Ice Cream to indulge in some guilty pleasure like their Rocky Road and a rainbow pop.

We still have a ways to go in exploring our beautiful city so stay tuned for more!

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