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Pretzel Crisps Part 2


Time for my review on the covered chocolate and peanut butter Pretzel Crisps I promised you guys!


First runner-up, White Chocolate and Peppermint Flavor– I love white chocolate and candy canes so I was pretty sure I’d enjoy it. Thankfully, the taste wasn’t overwhelming and didn’t leave a nasty taste, it was actually delicious.


Then it was the Dark Chocolate and Peppermint. I’ve recently become a fan of dark chocolate and again am a fan of peppermint so Pretzel Crisps was sure to knock this one out the park. It was unbelievable!!!! It was a chocolately heaven party in my mouth with a pinch of mint and didn’t taste the peppermint. My boyfriend loves chocolate covered pretzels so this bag I’m going to have to hide, haha.


The Dark Chocolate Crunch was next up. Not a fan of chocolate covered pretzels so i thought I wouldn’t care for it much. It was delicious! I knew exactly what to expect and they gave me what I wanted plus more. The thing I love about Pretzel Crisps is that the pretzels are thin so it never leaves you with a dry mouth.


Peanut Butter Crunch. I was excited to try this one since the others were so yummy. I enjoy some peanut butter, but never an overwhelming amount. I had one bite and couldn’t eat anymore. It was just too much peanut butter to my liking and I got grossed out, haha. So definitely a bag I’ll give my boyfriend 🙂

If you haven’t read my review on the other flavors of Pretzel Crisps click here.

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