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Pretzel Crisps

I was really excited when I got my package of Pretzel Crisps owned by Sara and Warren Wilson, in the mail. And it wasn’t just a small package, but a huge package with a variety of flavors! I couldn’t wait to dig in. On top of my package I also got a very nice Valentine’s Day note– how thoughtful.




Now we all love pretzels, but as for me ill have three and I’m just about done with them because they dry up your mouth quickly. When I tried Pretzel Crisps I was a bit weary at first, but fortunately was surprised that these were nothing like the other dried up pretzels. They’re lighter, crunchier with just the right amount of flavor in each bite and have only 110 calories per serving (10 pretzels). What’s even greater, is that with each different flavored pretzel they give you a tip on what to serve with each particular pretzel.

My boyfriend was the first to try Chipotle Cheddar because I don’t like chipotle, but I tried anyways. And boy, was I going to regret not trying this if I hadn’t. This has the right amount of picante (spice) to it. Chipotle Cheddar was my top favorite immediately.


They didn’t over do it in salt which is always good. You’d think that cinnamon toast pretzel would have an overbearing flavor of cinnamon, but it doesn’t. They used regular sugar, brown sugar and of course cinnamon and concocted a wonderful and unique taste. An odd couple indefinitely, haha.


I was excited for this one! When I buy bagels I love everything bagels so knew this had to be a hit. It tasted like an everything bagel, but something was missing. Not quite sure what it was, but it wasn’t my favorite. My boyfriend not a fan of everything bagels actually like the Pretzel Crisps version of this.


Garlic Parmesan– I love garlic and cheese so lets see how it goes. Well it was finger licking good! The dust of Parmesan was de-licious and there wasn’t an overbearing taste of garlic. An A+!


I’m a buffalo wings type of chick with ranch on the side, but buffalo wing pretzels!? No way this can be good, right? Well sadly I didn’t enjoy it I just kept thinking I was eating chicken, but wasn’t haha. My boyfriend loved it, “it’s like tasting the drippings of the sauce when it comes off the buffalo wings.”


It says Jalapeño jack is bold and spicy– should I get a glass of milk ready? I set myself up thinking it’d be spicy, but it wasn’t. It tasted good, not spicy to the point that I was burning up and had to take a shower so in that aspect disappointed.


Taste like a sesame seed bagel. No zesty flavor to it like the others.

I also received bags of cookies which ill be doing my review on them next week. We got so full eating the Pretzel Crisps there’s no room for anything else, haha.

Thank you again everyone at Pretzel Crisps and if you need a face for the brand– well I’m here 🙂

Make sure to follow them on Instagram and Twitter: PretzelCrisps or check their website out at Pretzel Crisps.

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