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Pregnant & Dating: The Fathers

Finally I have some answers for all you who have wondered and asked about who the father’s are to the women from “Pregnant & Dating.”

If you still haven’t seen an episode not only have you missed out, but the season finale is fast approaching. Luckily, for you they’ll be airing all episodes before the big finale.

Now let’s get to the juicy details! I wasn’t able to get the information on all the cast members, but did get them on Melissa Meister, Megan Aballi and Shana Prevette.

Melissa Meister a model turned stylist can’t be any sweeter. I was lucky enough to speak to her on twitter (@MeisterCouture).


As we’ve heard Melissa say she was naming her son Arrow. What we also know is that Arrow’s father had the nerve to tell her he wasn’t going to be there for his son’s birth! The father’s name– or more like the sperm donor is a man by the name of Rob Heppler. I say sperm donor because who doesn’t stick by the mother of his child during such a difficult/joyous/emotional ride!?


Rob Heppler is a writer, trend spotter and urban lifestyle influencer (according to Wikipedia). Their love story goes a little setting like this–

After three years together and a short break they decided to work things out and as the stars aligned they soon found out they were expecting. A glorious day, right? Well not so much. In every relationship problems arise and they ended up going into therapy. The therapist suggested that they separate for a short while during her first trimester to avoid any stress to the unborn child. Understandable.

Well a few days later thanks to the handy-dandy Facebook, Melissa found out Rob was in a NEW relationship. Yes, new. Apparently, he misunderstood doctors orders.

I’m sure everyone reading this has a few ‘charmed’ words for this Rob guy, but if Melissa doesn’t, then why should we? Melissa said it best, “Even with all the sadness and uncertainty – he gave me the greatest gift of my life and for that alone I will always love him.” Wow. A sophisticated, mature and beautiful woman who doesn’t bash her sons father? Have to respect a woman like that!

Rob Heppler and Melissa Meister, Dan Tanas

Rob Heppler and Melissa Meister, LAX

Rob Heppler and Melissa Meister, Mozza

Rob Heppler and Melissa Meister, LA


Moving along to another darling woman who says it how it is and won’t settle for less– Megan Aballi. This talented nail technician at first appears harsh on the show towards her daughter, Charlie’s father. I thought she just didn’t want him in the picture because he was being a jerk. Of course Megan herself cleared that all up for me on twitter 🙂 (Megan Aballi). She even makes her point clear on the show, but for some odd reason no one hears it!


It’s not that she didn’t want Anthony in Charlie’s life, it’s that she wanted to make sure he was being a responsible and respectful adult due to previous incidents. That’s smart. We don’t know their history we only see the snippets of what the directors want us to see or know.

If we know how a person is why would we trust them right off the bat with our child even if that is their daddy!?

Megan and Anthony are not together, nor are they the best of friends, but Megan does what is best for Charlie and in no way would she ever deprive her of having a relationship with her father. Charlie spends time with her dad on a weekly basis. Megan has moved on and has found a fantastic guy Jarrod who we’ve recently seen on the show.




And lastly on to Shana Prevette. The bathingsuit model who after a year dating her boyfriend, Scott Zipadelli, a NASCAR crew chief (or at least use to be) found out she was pregnant with her now son Rocco. They weren’t exactly in a great place when they found out they were expecting so they just decided to call it quits.



It appears that both Shana and Scott have an amazing relationship even after he missed all the important steps of her pregnancy. It’s amazing that two mature adults can put their feelings aside and do what’s best for their child.



Can we please give a standing ovation to these ladies? They could’ve easily been those mother’s who resent the father’s so much to the point that they wouldn’t even know they had kids. But they aren’t. These three ladies are a prime example of good women.

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