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Has anyone heard of or seen the new WE reality show “Pregnant & Dating?” Prior to the show airing a couple of weeks ago there was a bunch of negative talk on the show and those women. I didn’t have many judgements towards the show, which is unlike me because I usually always have a mouth full to say!

The title itself just makes you wonder what happened to the child’s father and who dates while pregnant? That was my curiosity.

Every little girl pictures having three things in life– house, wedding and kids. We all dream it and can’t wait to make that dream a reality. So when these 5 gals got “knocked-up” I’m sure they never believed they’d be doing it alone.

The cast mates are; Megan Aballi who doesn’t want the child’s father in the picture, Melissa Meister a stylist who is just fabulous, Shana Prevette a model whose a cute down to earth southern girl, Kiesha Miles a singer from an old-school group called Xscape and Rachel Klein who’s hiding a juicy secret about who her baby daddy is.

Thankfully, it’s not a “ratchet” show like Love and Hip- Hop or Basketball WhoresWives. Ratchet for those who don’t know what it means is basically ghetto, dirty and just a plain ole nasty person or act. Pregnant & Dating is NOT one of those shows. The cast consists of very respectable, strong and independent women who just got stuck in an unimaginable situation.

Although I like all the women on the show I do wonder what guy really looks forward to going on a date with a pregnant woman? When I was pregnant my boyfriend couldn’t stop harassing and violating me haha, for some odd reason he found me sexy. But to feel that way towards a woman who’s pregnant and not carrying your child? Well that’s an unique and incredible man.

All 5 women have their reasons about why they’re single, how they got pregnant and why they are looking to date. Raising a child on your own is extremely difficult, is it possible? Of course, but it’s tiring and exhausting. And if you can find a good man who wants to be an instant family man then why not!?

Every child deserves a father and sometimes the biological father just isn’t ready or willing to commit so one has to move on! My only concern would be that they’d just have to be super careful bringing any man around their child because you never know what may happen.

So before judging make sure to watch the reruns and new episodes every Saturday at 9PM on the WE network.

*UPDATE 7/12/13 Want to know about the fathers? Read “Pregnant & Dating: The Fathers. Finally some questions answered as to their whereabouts


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    Great article! Thanks for writing! @meganaballi

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