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I Hate You Diets


Diets. Diets. Diets. What can I say about them other then I HATE them with all my heart and soul. I was never one to go on diets while in high-school or college, I just always watched what I ate. I was so good at saying no to fast-food; I hadn’t eaten fast food for over a year and a half, use to say no to white rice and drank no soda and was great at proportions– then I became pregnant. For some reason my mind, or I blame the kid, said I want all the fatty and not-so-good stuff and I began to eat, eat and eat. I was cool with it because I had two mouths to feed, right? MISTAKE NUMERO UNO! Just because you have two mouths to feed you don’t need double the intake.

Okay, so back to what this subject is about. Once my kid popped out– well was cut out of me, I was never able to fully get back to eating “right” and saying no to certain foods. My boyfriend always goes on this health kicks and has such great control over what he needs to be eating and what he should not. I’ve tried to jump on that band wagon, but have been unsuccessful. I never was a cook, I lived with my parents where dinner was served every night and only had to worry about what I ate. Not to mention, I’m Latina so our foods aren’t necessarily geared towards the healthy side of things. Now that I’m a mommy to a three-year-old and am a stay at home mom, I’m the one who has to cook and make sure their mouths are fed!

When my boyfriend diets it’s second nature to him, even when he doesn’t diet he looks slim and doesn’t gain not a pound, he actually loses weight if anything. I run for the hills when he says he’s going on a diet. Diets don’t work for me and who suffers is me! Pressure, anxiety, laziness and confusion all happen when I have to cook! I don’t like cooking much and when I do the meals are meals I enjoy, are easy and yes not always healthy. What am I going to cook? What is healthy? How do I cook the chicken? I like brown rice, he likes white rice, he needs pasta I should stay away from pasta. Do you see how the anxiety happens?

I should fight for my right to cook what I want, eat what I want and not gain a pound! But that’s just nonsense. What I really need to start doing is controlling my proportions because that’s my number one issue besides eating unhealthy. I don’t necessarily believe you should cut anything out of your diet, only eat it once in a while and in moderation. This word moderation is what I hear a lot of these healthy peeps say, so I’m going with that. I’m also going to try to not eat after 7PM unless there’s a special engagement. I think those two steps are a start, wouldn’t you say?

Who’d like to join me? What unhealthy habit do you want to kick?

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    Jun 20, 2015 at 10:14 am

    Oh man before I had Bella, I could eat anything I wanted and not gain a pound! I remember my cousins always going on diet saince they were 15. I was here eating whatever I wanted. I do remember never eating beef or pork and not drinking sodas. Now after I had Bella is like a curse. I gotta watch what I eat and my portions. I have to say living in the country doesn’t help at all. Ever since I moved I’ve started eating some red meats and my mother in law is always bringing us sweets. I’m a sucker for sweets. David all he eats is junk and he’s like a toothpick. I try eating healthy but sometimes David doesn’t like it so I feel like I waste food. I hate wasting food. My mother in law said that when she was on diets back when my hubby was a kid she would cook for them and then make whatever she wanted for her. Im honestly too lazy for that. Plus that’s just such a tease. Anyways I’ve also read from fitness people that you gotta eat five small portions every day and drink a lot of water. I tried it fr a week o less and I just don’t know wat what has worked is lemon water . I drink lemon water before each meal and has helped with Belly bloat. Diets ko suck!

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      Jun 22, 2015 at 10:25 pm

      love lemon water!! Never tried it before a meal– interesting! Yeah these kids killed our bodies lol

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