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GB Pockit Stroller Review

**Stroller was given to me in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own**

gb pockit stroller

You know when it comes to baby products I love certain things, one being is a baby monitor because it makes me feel like an uncover spy. The next baby essential we always love to play around in stores with are strollers.

Finding the perfect stroller is like finding your child’s soulmate because lets face it they have to love it as much as we do since they’ll be in it for a long time. Every time we stepped into Babies R Us the boyfriend had a grandiose time unfolding and folding the smallest folding stroller around, GB Pockit. Our go-to stroller and car seat since Gunner was born has been another GB product, GB EVOQ. We absolutely love their products and we saw the POCKIT we were amazed that it was from GB. We live in NYC so space in your home or around the city is very limited. We like things small that make a big statement. The GB Pockit. does just that. I’m so excited to share with you all the pros and cons of our new obsession–

1- The convenience– it takes absolutely no room in the trunk. We can fold it up when we go out to say dinner and slide it under the table without having a huge piece of metal blocking everyone from walking through.

2- Lightweight

3- Easy to maneuver

4- Easy and quick fold up

5- Gunner loves exploring the world for himself, seeing everything we see

6- Big sister can lower the handle bars and push him around like a baby doll
1- The umbrella is basically useless. It doesn’t cover the baby at all unless the sun is directly over him

2- Absolutely no reclining feature so he doesn’t ever sleep in there, exception of the two times that he was beyond tired and knocked out.

Overall, it is a pretty amazing stroller. One thing I didn’t mention was the storage under the stroller– I’m always a critic when it comes to that, but the diaper bag which is actually a purse doesn’t do too bad on my shoulder. So the storage under the stroller is just fine for me. We’re taking it to Chicago today as you read this and are excited that we don’t have to bring a huge bulky stroller with us. I do hope that GB considers those two CONS and can come up with a solution!

What are your thoughts on this stroller Would you drive it around?

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