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7 Key Features to VTech’s Safe and Sound Baby Monitor

vtech baby monitor

During my two pregnancies I absolutely enjoyed going shopping for my baby registry. It’s shopping and although it’s not technically for you it’s still shopping! My spirits just go up and all the baby weight I’ve gained just go out the window. One of my favorite things to look for are those baby monitors as you seen in my “Baby Registry Must Haves” video. I may be a bit obsessed with bay monitors– Ziana was three and I still used a baby monitor on her. I love to spy! Well, on my baby registry I had picked a baby monitor, which unfortunately was a terrible pick! I did little to no research on it and it was something I got for my baby shower.

Of course, I was super happy and excited because this baby was a toy for momma! But after using it just wasn’t anything I ever wanted. Thankfully, last week I attended a fun event with VTech we had some breakfast bites, chatted, introduced to one of their newer baby monitors and got to design a nursery– all the fun here on the vlog. So the monitor that was being promoted was the Safe and Sound VM344 a step up from the VM343. I couldn’t wait to open it up because unlike the other baby monitor I had, this one I already knew all the amazing features it had to offer. I know everyone has a budget when it comes to items including a baby monitor, but sometimes splurging just a tad bit is okay especially when it’s gifted! Here are some of their key features:

1- The camera pan, tilts and zooms! Theres nothing worse then getting a baby monitor that doesn’t have the ability to move. Our babies move and sometimes monitors won’t capture their new sleeping corner. This VTech monitor allows you to move the camera and zoom in on your baby.

2- Infrared night vision aka spy duties continue at night with continued clear video

3- You have 1,000 feet of range

4- High-resolution LCD screen

5- Temperature sensor. The temperature indicator on the parent unit lets you know when it’s time to adjust the thermostat.

6- Secure video and audio transmission meaning it ensures the video and audio transmission is private and secure.

7- There’s a talk-back intercom– scare your kid by whispering scary ghosts sounds– or instead just talk to the baby to soothe them, whichever 🙂

Pretty great features I’d say. You can catch me spying on the kids all over my IG story and Youtube channel. What are some of the key features you look for in a baby monitor?

vtech safe and sound baby monitor

best baby monitors

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