Femme Fatale: Jodi Arias 4


Day two of the Jodi Arias case in where she takes the stand in her own murder trail. It continued with more of how she jumped from man to man, her sexual encounters, including with Travis Alexander and how she hopped from religion to religion.

Again, why do we need to know how they had sex and the things they did to each other? No one knows. I don’t think if I was a juror her giving Travis Alexander a blow job the day she met him has any relevance in this case. Maybe if this was some type of porno we had signed up to watch than that would make a difference, but not here! And still prosecution does not make many objections. I think he’s just letting her talk to see if she mixes up her own lies or says the wrong things which will give him just enough ammo to attack her with later during cross-examination.

HLN keeps speaking about how she appears to have a dissociative personality which means a disconnect. They are 100% right. When you see her talking both days on the stand she’s very robotic in her answers showing little to no emotions about what she is being asked and how she answers. Someone who can’t connect to what she is saying– such as “yes I killed Travis Alexander because he attacked me and I protected myself,” or something of that matter, is very dangerous. Because as easily as she had no emotion when being shown his dead body and saying those very words, that’s how easy it was for her to leave his house after the murder, come up with lie after lie and act normal as if nothing happened. I bet she feels no remorse over killing him, the whole ordeal is done and over for her so why feel bad now?


Then we hear about all these different religions (Hinduism, Wicca, Mormonism etc) she peeked an interest to when dating a guy. The defense here as HLN reports is that they are probably trying to show she’s very dependent on a guy and will switch her life for them. So with Travis, was she just another pawn in another mans life that she did as she was told? This is not at all what I think, but it’s something the defense is probably going to try to paint for the jury– that he was such an alpha dog who was controlling and an abusive sexual defiant that she had enough and when she was attacked again that she went into flight or fight mode.

Yawn, yawn, yawn! It’s crazy to hear what the defense will come up with next, but when you have no case you’ll make a case out of anything.

Until tomorrow, well today since I’m writing this post at 11PM yesterday 🙂

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