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Being Fake in a Relationship

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I think being fake in a relationship is something we all do to an extent. When we’re younger we tend to be more honest with our friends about the ups and down in our relationships. I’ve spoken about this before in my Bragging in Relationships post where we may go above and beyond talking about how perfect our relationships are when in actuality it’s not all that great. Now that was about how people can exaggerate on how great their lives are with their partner, this rant is more about how we portray our relationships to others. Same kind of topic, but difference being how we portray our lives – my life- on Youtube.

I live my life on our Youtube and am open to sharing everything that goes on in my life from parenting, loss of my dog, our arguments, my moodiness to precious moments that happen in our family. I feel that I am who I am to my viewers 80% of the time. Why only 80% you may ask? Well, I’ve learned through many errors that certain things shouldn’t be discussed, number one being politics. Political views and religion is something we never discuss to any sort of extent on our channel because we understand the world we live in today– people can’t have an opinion on anything if they aren’t siding with the “popular” vote. The 80% also comes from our relationship. We fight and we fight hard, we never kept that a secret, but two things– in the heat of an argument are we really going to grab a camera to document that? No. We don’t want to relive those moments in our lives repeatedly and why open that door that should only be kept between you and your partner? We’ll all get scrutinized whether we are the “perfect” nun or the “perfect” mom, so why open that door to let more scrutiny and outsiders put there two cents in to dissect your relationship even more than you do?

ctfxc and alli

A lot has happened in the Youtube community about people’s relationships and/or divorce. The first couple I knew of were Charles and Alli from CTFXC who after being together for years decided to separate which was a shock to their viewers. People started to slam them, make up rumors and were just all around upset because it came out of nowhere. It came out of nowhere for the viewers, not for them. They lived their lives everyday and every relationship has their ups and downs, I thought we all knew this? Are we suppose to tell you every little detail of our issues with everyone who watches us? No. Would you even if you’re not on Youtube? No. So why expect anything different?

sam and nia
Then there was Sam and Nia which I’m sure you all heard about– the scandal that Sam had a Ashely Madison account. This was something which was already out in the known to Nia, yet it was leaked in the media and it blew up in their face because they were called fake and phony due to how they portrayed themselves on Youtube and having such a strong belief in their religion it just completely blew up in their face. Yet, this is another situation. We all have skeletons in our closets, just because we’re on Youtube does that mean we’re obligated to share all those skeletons to everyone? No. It came out they faced it together and with their viewers and moved on. Shouldn’t you?

nive nulls
The latest scandal was that of Austin and Brittany Null from The Nive Nulls who had to face their viewers about Austin’s online affair (sexting). I adore this family so to hear that was shocking for me a s a viewer, but that didn’t change my mind about them. They never claimed to be perfect, things happen and it’s up to them whether they want to work through this hump or not. Brittany decided she did and she was attacked for not leaving him. WHAT? Since when did this become a poll as to those not in the relationship having a vote or say as to what she should or shouldn’t do. Would you have an online affair or an affair period being committed? Some say no, some never know. Would they have spoken about this if it wasn’t leaked? Probably not. I know I wouldn’t have because who wants to bring that into their relationship for all to know?

Being in a relationship is already hard! It’s too much work to try and keep it “perfect” to your standards and especially living it all out on the internet. My point is we share our lives for ourselves to remember all these moments in life, but also to share it those who care to see how we live. It’s not being fake it’s just not welcoming more negative scrutiny from others who live off trying to bring negativity in a relationship. I never want people to say me and my Boytoy (boyfriend) are relationship goals are that they inspire to be like us. We are amazing together and as much as we fight hard we love hard too. It’s always nice to look up to people, but don’t think it’s 100% perfect, perfect doesn’t exist unless you’re talking about fashion or food. Remember that what you see is what you get– to an extent.

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