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Bragging in Relationships


When we have a good man, boy, do some people love to brag– even try to manipulate others into thinking their relationship is one to brag about. I say people because I don’t really brag about my boyfriend, it’s only once in while (maybe once a year) that I do.

People like to shove their love in other people faces because they want to have others envy them. It’s a fact of nature. Others think you have the good life it builds your self-esteem and you feel good– even great about yourself.

But, how far is too far? For instance we may or may not tell strangers our business, but we might tell our closest confidant everything. The good, the bad and even intimate details of our sex life.

When you’re in high-school, even your early twenties you’re dumb enough to do that; tell your bestie everything that goes on in the streets and what goes on between the sheets. Some even pass the twenties and still do this moronic thing.

I’m not saying you can’t talk to your best-friend or whoever you trust about issues in your relationship, but one must be very careful who they truly trust. Not just for deceiving purposes, but some people are really judgmental.


Say you tell your best-friend that your man is controlling or a racist or hates dogs, you can’t blame your friend to than despise him. You’re implanting bad eggs into their noggin.

Then there’s another side– telling your best-friend that your man is amazing in bed, he’s such-and-such inches or likes to do this and that in bed. That’s just completely unacceptable. It’s okay to share those details when it’s just a random guy, but to say that about your husband or boyfriend? It’s kind of an open invitation to your girls and strangers, like “Hey! Try this!”

The worst scenario of all is by you bragging about how magically delicious and wonderful your partner is you’ll have girls be so envious they’ll want to be your replacement. And it might not be your bestie who claws her way into your mans life, it could be a friend of a friend whose heard so much about your amazing man (woman).

One needs to be careful in who they trust. She– or he may be a great friend, but if they are judgmental, tell you details of other people’s lives then– well– that’s not really someone you want to share your happy and bad moments with.

In all, I really don’t think anyone should know anything about your relationship. When it comes to the bedroom, emotions, fights, finance issues it’s really no ones business, but your own. There’s a line you can closely touch, just don’t ever pass it.


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    Jan 27, 2016 at 1:52 pm

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    Azrin Hassan
    Jan 21, 2014 at 1:18 am

    I remembered what Chris Rock said “women’s worst enemy is another women.” I guess It’s natural to brag about your spouse or lover, but to brag what happened under the sheets to your beastie is a big “NO.”

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      Jan 22, 2014 at 4:35 pm

      exactly! You just never know anyone’s intentions in life. It might not even be on purpose that they steal your spouse away from you it may JUST happen. And why not them? Heck, you’ve told them everything they need to know about them!

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