You’re In Love When…

What is love? When do you know when you’re in love? The classic question with the same taboo answers. Here is my twist 😉

You’re in love when you…
1. Threaten to kill them everyday.
2. You tolerate the person.
3. Have an open door policy in the bathroom.
4. When you can fart in front of them with a smile.
5. You nag them to death.
6. You can use the same toothbrush.
7. You can have a burping contest in each others face.
8. They’ve seen your license picture.
9. Drink from the same yucky cup.
10. When jokes don’t make sense to anyone else but to each other.
11. Dancing in the streets and in your car not caring who sees.
12. When not shaving your legs for the winter is acceptable.
13. Picking your spouses hairs out of your deodorant.
14. When shaving your private area becomes a discussion “Hey. honey does the stream line-b look good on me?”
15. When the John Cusack ‘Boom Box’ scene in “Say Anything” makes sense. Awww!

Haha, hope you enjoyed 🙂

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