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Yesterday’s Splurging

As soon as Baby Z woke up at 9AM yesterday- I fed, changed her and was on my way to the mall. I had about two hours to shop until I knew she would become fussy.

Yesterday Baby Z and I spent some of daddy’s hard earned money on shopping. It was fun, haha! I just needed some new clothing to fit this new body and I heard Sears had sale’s on baby clothing.

I went to Forever21 or as they now go by XXI. I love that store! I think it’s just gotten a lot better in the quality and what types of clothing to make, it’s more fashionable. I picked up jeans, trousers, skirt,cutoff jean jacket, dressy white collared shirt, blue collared shirt, tights, tees and two scarfs. Seems like very little, oh but it wasn’t. I was never really one to try clothes on either, I would just buy it and return it later if it didn’t fit. Now I try it on and have to maneuver my way into the dressing room to fit the stroller.

You can’t ever to go wrong with jeans. You can dress them up with a blazer or down with just a tee. I got a pair of off-white jeans and yes it’s okay to wear them! I got the okay from my friend who’s a stylist at Ralph Lauren. Next were trousers! Never have I ever owned a pair, but something told me to get them. Instead of getting the trousers in my size 6 I got them in a 2 because they run big.


Jean jackets I don’t think will ever die out- at least to me. Also another item that’s a must have are blouses like the white one in the middle with small diamond pieces everywhere. Another item that has come about suddenly is the denim shirts. I spiced mine up with spikes in the shoulder! Well I didn’t put them on there, I just picked it like that, haha.


Everyone needs some plain tee’s, which I have and some nice logo shirts. Also those colorful tights I love! Never got colorful ones like that before. Then I got daring and got a skirt! I can dress that with stockings and combat boots or dress that up in my hooker boots! Yes, I’m excited. Oh and also got my colorful scarfs on the top right with some shine to them 🙂


I picked up just a few more things for Baby Z since she already has a lot. I love colorful pastels and dresses for her. Since she’s 3 months now, I got her clothing for 6 months. All the clothing I got for her was Carter’s which I love! They were all $10 for three piece sets, the most expensive was the polka dot dress for $21.


Also got some stuff on clearance for next Summer. Not a lot because like my sister-in-law said “who knows how big she’ll be next year.” I know though, not huge! Haha. All this was $6 or $4 bucks.


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