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Year Of The Side Chicks

Anyone else familiar with that ‘Friends’ episode where Ross and Rachel were on a break? Both took a different meaning to it and Ross ended up sleeping with some girl? That was the end of an era– the huge breakup which broke all of our hearts.

There are those women who can never forgive such a betrayal and those, well that are more than forgiving. A break is no longer being with that person, but also not seeing anyone else. At least that’s my definition.


Apparently, both Dwayne Wade and Gabrielle Union both had the understanding that it was okay to see, date, kiss, sleep, cuddle and/or impregnate– or get impregnated by someone else.

If you’ve heard as of recently the lovely couple are going through a media frenzy because Dwayne Wade has a newborn baby. Oh, no, that’s not the shocking part. The shocking part is that it’s not Gabrielle Union who popped a baby out.

While on a break Dwayne Wade couldn’t get by with keeping his meat tightly packed and stored. He, like EVERY other man had to get his rocks off with a woman by the name of Aja Metoyer.


Aja is sticking up for herself on social media stating she’s not a gold digger and admits to having also been with Dwayne years ago when he was married with his ex-wife Siohvaughn Funces. Not really something I would’ve admitted, but I understand why she’s saying that. If she were a gold digger she would’ve tried getting pregnant then (9 years ago).

However, before you side with her she does have two daughters with actor Damon Wayan’s Jr. She know’s how to pick them! Lessons please! Also, would you side with her after she’s talking reckless on her twitter account (which all tweets have recently been deleted) about Gabrielle Union?


Read more on Aja at Hollywood Life.

Dwayne stated, “Like I’ve said, this is something that my family knows and my now fiancée worked through when we got back together, and understood that we wanted to continue our lives together and continue supporting our family and we’re going to do that. That’s what I’ve always done.”

Admirable. But…. That’s quite a hard pull to swallow. I’m happy that Gabrielle can put this behind her, but I can only see it being that for just so long. And if he’s cheated before and technically on you… What makes you different?

Juicy story, huh?

Well I’m not done. There’s yet another couple who is going through the same thing.

Rapper Ludacris and his fiancée Eudoxie have also made appearance all over social media with Ludacris admitting to his “on a break baby.” And as in the case with Gabrielle Union, Eudoxie is okay with it too!


Ludacris’ new baby mom is a woman he’s also known for years, Tamika Fuller.


I tell ya– these are extraordinary women. It takes a lot to take back a scumbag you love so deeply. It just gets me mad because say it was the other way around. Would the men take as back and put the situation on the back burner? Highly unlikely.

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