Women are Crazy & Men are the Culprit


Women are crazy and men are the culprit. Yes, its not our fault that we get all crazy and bitchy. If men just listened and agreed with what we said life would be so blissfully simple, haha. Instead they want to fight back and win all battles, big or small. Not only that men tend to change their ways once their relationship is settled. Now don’t get me wrong change is good, but all the things you did before we got into a serious relationship as in all the cutesy stuff you did should and must stay the same! That’s the reason we fell for you.

Now besides the times when things are great and peaceful in my relationship we fight of course. Who doesn’t? To be honest though our fights are so dumb and funny like that of Doug and Carrie from ‘King of Queens’ that it should be recorded and played for you guys. We fight over the garbage not being taken out or the stove not being cleaned. If we didn’t fight over petty things we really wouldn’t have anything to fight over and that to women is not acceptable, haha. I’m sure it’s not just me, but I get a kick out of fighting aka “bitching” as you men like to call it.

20121113-132347.jpg This may describe us best, haha. Sometimes it’s not always men, but we will never take blame so just deal with it!

Thankfully the good outweighs the bad. All men prior to my boyfriend were way different from him. They were romantic once in a while, but things always went left once the relationship got old. My man has yet to change those romantic and caring ways. Although it has died down a bit with him leaving me notes around the house and bringing me flowers he does show it in other ways. For instance on Halloween I was upset not only because Ziana couldn’t go trick-or-treating with her cousins, but because dammit I wanted candy!!! I absolutely love candy and in writing this maybe I should open up a candy store so I can eat candy 24/7 (sigh). Anyways he came home and bought me a bag of my favorite assorted chocolates and put it in the Halloween bag, small yet it was an aw moment and I was so happy. The thing men tend to not know is we don’t need expensive things well most women don’t, we love the thoughtfulness in what you give us, our favorite snack, drink, magazine or in this case candy it’s romantic! It shows you thought of us and knew us well enough to know that this would make our day.

I recently spoke to a friend of mine whose recently been feeling detached from her boyfriend. We all know in the beginning when getting to know someone you speak to them here and there and eventually move onto daily conversation. So when things change from conversations all day (texting and talking) to just a mere goodnight at night for the whole day it’s puzzling to us. Why are things now changing? They have been together for a few years and now out of left field things are changing. Not a good move. What a man must remember is that kind of change is unacceptable especially if we are complaining about the sudden change and you’re continuing with it. No excuse in the world should allow a man or a woman not to call their significant other all day.

Things like that will make us go crazy!

Here are some tips for a relationship:

If you’re in a predicament like the one above you need to stop being scared to speak to your boyfriend because you’re scared of rocking the boat or him getting mad. If you’re scared now in talking to him then chances are he’s running things and you will never have say in the relationship. Once you enable certain behaviors and continue to allow it to go on who’s to blame when all of a sudden you want to put your foot down and things don’t go smoothly?

If he’s not romantic from the get chances are he just might never be because he doesn’t know how or thinks it’s not “manly” to do so. Maybe you can show him how it’s done. Never say never right?

Now if he was romantic in the beginning and now changing there’s a reason behind it. Could it be someone else? I don’t know. Could it be he’s not into the relationship anymore? I don’t know. And you won’t know either until you talk to him.

One should appreciate the other here and there. If you’re not good with words than helping out with cleaning the house or giving them a full body massage or even taking the kids for the day without getting something in return is very much appreciated.

Don’t ever call a woman crazy! We don’t and will not admit it and by you saying it you’re just in for one hell of a ride for the rest of the week.

Lastly, for you men, just shut up, listen and agree even if you don’t. You’ll see that life will be simpler and calmer. Of course you have the choice to disagree and then we will raise hell, cut out all your insides and wear them like a necklace 🙂 your choice!

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