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Why Just The Upper Body?


When a woman looks at a man we look at their outside appearance first because that’s what we see first. Many women don’t have a preference and others do– skinny body, teddy-bear shape, brolic type and so on. I always had a thing for skinny guys and if they had some muscles then sure why not, but a Hulk kind of looking man always grossed me out. But there’s one specific type of body type I can not stand and I’ll get up that in a second.

Men who spend days and hours at a gym is not something I’m into, never have been. Of course I’ll encourage some working out, but not to the point that ones obsessed with it and they need to do it to have a good day. I will however applaud you juice heads for your commitment in working out to be who you think many women want. No shots fired! Haha.

A nice body to me is a skinny or lean body like the singer from The Wanted–

20130403-234326.jpg Ah, perfection 🙂

There’s guys who dream of working out that they need to fit a work out or go to the gym every freaking damn day of the freaking damn minute. The ones who want to squeeze you so hard you can’t escape– who wants to feel trapped? Those kinds of guys don’t trickle my fancy. How can you bare look at a guy who thinks this is okay–


Why do you hate having a neck guy? I’m sure you’re an awesome person, but come on! It’s just unnecessary and unappealing to the eye. I’ve never spoken to a woman or girl who thought it was attractive. Sure, the outside appearance should not be the only thing that matters (side eye), but who wants to walk around with that? I’d feel like I’m walking around with Fred Flintstone! And although I enjoyed Fred during my child hood it’s not my fantasy to lay in bed with him and do dirty things with him.


Then we have these guys who decide “hey I’m going to work on my chest and arms everyday and forget I have legs that need to match.” I’ve known a couple of guys like this who were good-looking, but the distraction of their fem legs was a definite turn-off. Where are the nicely shaped thighs and calves?
I would think a man would want to work out his whole body and not just the top half to look like bird man. No? Is there a secret behind this? Or do you just forget? Perhaps an iPhone reminder would help.

It’s not that I’m trying to discourage a man from working out, but there’s more to life than having abnormally enormous pecks that I just want to pop every time I see them or a chest that’s bigger than my triple D’s. Just a suggestion fellas– please next time you go to the gym start with those leg exercises and finish with the legs for the next month!

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