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Why is my Child Still Crying During Swimming Class?

Why is my Child Still Crying During Swimming Class? Crying is one of the most common behaviors when kids are starting out with swimming classes. Gunner was one of those kids that disliked the water he would cry when his toes touched the ocean- you can catch it on this vlog. Naturally, I had concerns he’d start crying during swim lessons at Goldfish Swim School.

Luckily, Gunner didn’t shed a tear. It could’ve been that the pool was a calming force as opposed to those wild waves of the ocean. Yet, there are still many children out there whose cries last longer than the first class, which can be stressful for parents.

Possible Reasons for Crying

There are are a few possibilities; separation anxiety, unfamiliar surroundings, or the sensation of the water in their ears can be quite bothersome.

4 Tips to Prepare for Swim Class and life in general…

I’ve always raised the kids to be independent- to an extent! I still want them to want and need me, but within limits. I never try to be overbearing, I have them play on their own, figure things out on their own, and definitely not go to their every beck and call, they need to feel dependent. So, if this is you, back off a bit and maybe they’ll get better at not being so clingy. It’ll be easier for them to not feel that anxiety when they’re not around you.

As for unfamiliar surroundings, my tip would take them out to different places and allow them to navigate through places on their own, of course, with you watching!

One thing I definitely think parents should NOT do is discontinue the swim classes. It takes time and it’s a form of quitting, do you really want to show your kids that? Also, definitely don’t allow your anxiety to show through to your child. They usually feed off our energy and if you’re scared, well what do you expect them to feel? Let the teachers take the reins and watch from the viewing area! The viewing areas at Goldfish are exceptionally great! Ceiling to floor windows gives you

Many kids will stop crying eventually. That comes from trust and confidence which forms with the teacher. Let me say, I’ve loved every teacher at Goldfish Swim School and each one has always been patient with Gunner and those crying cuties! Also, like I said they need to feel comfortable in their surroundings, so going back time and time and time again will hopefully allow them to be comfortable at Goldfish Swim School.

So, all in all, it takes time for a child. Heck, it take anyone to adjust to something they’re not use to. Many kids don’t need time to get use to it and others do. Don’t quit and push through the those sad faces and tears mama and dad!

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