Where & Which Diapers To Buy?

With babies come sleepless nights, exhaustion, feedings around the clock and changing diapers for a living. Besides wondering what your child should be eating or what their sleeping habits are going to be, another good question many parents have and expecting parents is which diapers to buy and where? Let me start off by saying there is no right answer it all depends what you child is comfortable with, which one will hold all the urine/poop in and which won’t give them an allergic reaction.

From my experience I’ve dealt with both Huggies and Pampers and even the cheap Target brand. I understand the cheap brand may be more affordable and many people may not be able to afford the name-brand ones, but for Ziana she got a nasty rash. At first I thought maybe it was the scented wipes so I eliminated them and substituted for a cloth and water, but that wasn’t it. Once I threw away those Target brand diapers the rash went away. FYI, I did not buy the diapers myself they were given to me. Huggies and Pampers are both good brands and have their pros and cons with everyone.

I love Pampers and that’s all I’ll buy because it’s what I’m use to and many people get confused as to the difference between the types of Pampers diapers. So here is the breakdown to the different types:

– Swaddlers, with a cloth-like, breathable backsheet, provide a soft, blanket-like diaper to wrap your infant in comfort and security. It has stretchy sides and adjustable fasteners for a snug and comfortable fit. And the diaper is contoured with less bulk through the legs. Available in Newborn, and Sizes 1, 2 and 2-3 with stretchy sides and tabs that can overlap.

– Swaddlers Sensitive, features breathable sides to help let more air to your child’s skin and a wetness indicator strip down the center to help you know when to change your child. These features are designed for the care and comfort of your new baby. Available in Newborn, and Sizes 1 and 2.

– Cruisers, featuring a breathable, cloth-like backsheet, have stretchy sides to give your baby freedom to move and flex! It also offers a contoured fit, with less bulk through the legs, so your baby is free to walk, bend and crawl. They’re available in Sizes 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7.

– Baby Dry features our UltraAbsorb core for unbeatable leakage protection day and night. Like our other versions, Baby Dry has less bulk between the legs, breathable sides, and a cloth-like backsheet to give your little one a comfortable, snug fit. And the soft fasteners help you adjust and readjust the diaper as needed. This version is available in Sizes 1 through 6 and features Sesame Street designs.

– Easy Ups Trainers are the only pull-on training pants that let your child feel when they are wet by having a patented wet sensation liner inside. This helps your child learn when it’s time to go potty. Easy Ups Trainers come in three sizes: 4 (16-34 lbs.), 5 (30-40lbs) and 6 (37+ lbs.) The trainers feature Diego for boys and Dora the Explorer and friends for girls.

-UnderJams Night Wear is designed to fit like underwear while providing privacy and protection. They feature super-stretchy sides and a version for both boys and girls. The thin absorbent core feels like underwear while providing protection where it ‘s needed most. Available in sizes S/M (38-65 lbs) and L/XL (58-85 lbs).

-Extra Protection is our newest version of Pampers. It’s great for long trips in the car or overnight protection. The green Ultra Absorb core under the topsheet absorbs better with less bulk for unbeatable protection. Extra Protection is available in sizes 4 and 5.

Now here is my review on both the Cruisers and Swaddlers Pamper diapers. Swaddlers are the best! They hold so much more urine than the cruisers. I had accidentally bought the cruisers without looking and was so mad at how bad they worked– well at least for Ziana. I am a swaddlers fan by far. As for the other diapers I haven’t tried them so no remarks here.

Another thing I always did was buy my diapers at Babies R’ Us because we still had money on the card from my baby shower last year in April 2012 up until a few days ago so we didn’t look much into the prices. My friend always said BJ’s was cheaper, but thought it was the same until I did the research and noticed that BJ’s is cheaper, but not by much (at first glance) and you get the same amount of diapers as what Babies R’ Us would give you.



A $5 difference add’s up eventually! And Target? Don’t even think about it! For the exact diapers (Pampers Cruisers) you get a 136 count of diapers for $34.99.

What I’ve also noticed is that although Huggies is a great quality brand as well, they are cheap with the amount of diapers they give regardless of their price.
These Huggies Step 3 Diapers cost $39.49 for only 192 diapers at BJ’s–

These Pampers Baby Dry size 3 diapers cost $42.99 for 204 diapers at BJ’s–

There’s a 12 diaper difference for just about a $3.00 difference. Pampers all the way! I want the most I can get for my buck. And for wipes? You double the amount of wipes at BJ’s than at Babies R Us ie: 1024 count of wipes for $24.99 at BJS and the most you can get at Babies R’ Us is a 768 count of wipes for $23.99 from what I’ve seen online. Now if you’re a BJ’s member they always have coupons which is usually $5 off– good deal!

Where and which diapers will you be getting?

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