When Speaking To A Mommy… Beware!

When you have a child it’s easy to go on rants about how great they are, the new sounds they make, all their new moves, smells and whatever other amazing things they’ve accomplished– it’s what mommy’s do. I don’t ever get bored talking about Ziana and I don’t get tired of hearing how my friends children are progressing. However, for a non-mommy or non-parent this can be quite annoying.

I know before having Ziana I would hear other mothers talk about how cute Christopher looked when he ate carrots, or when Rachel pee’d all over her clothes, and it was interesting (I suppose), but after a while it was like “COME ON LADY DO YOU HAVE A LIFE!?” I didn’t think anyone could be so self-absorbed in a child. Little did I know I would become one of those women!

Something I always do is send photos and videos to my family and close friends because I think they’d love to see Ziana blow her first kiss, or try on her Halloween costume or sit up for the first time. I don’t think that’s extreme motherly behavior. What is though are those mothers who just yap away with useless updates on what food their child ate, what size diapers their wearing, or what color the poop looked like– that’s off the scale!

Now here’s a tip for the non-mommy’s, if you don’t want to hear about our minute-to-minute lives (which includes the above) don’t ask an open-ended question like, “what have you been up to?” You’re just asking for it and before you know it you’ve just got yourself into a conversation you can’t get out of and if you do find a way out we’ll eventually find you and finish telling you how amazing our lives are.

What you can and should ask to avoid those type of conversations is… How, no… Where have, no… You know what? Come to think of it any question you ask you’re just screwed. An extremely self-absorbed mother will find a way- any way, to speak about her child, haha.

So please excuse us mommy’s who think that it’s okay for us to bore all of you with our children. I think I’ve been so self-conscious about that I never did it, so I hope, haha.

And with that I leave you some updates on Baby Z!

Ziana sitting up 12/1/12:

All the pictures are from her 5th month mark.

This was about her last week during the 4-months finally holding her bottle! Less work for me 🙂

Z making some music

Chi-chi and Z staring one another down

Taken 12/8/12

Taken 12/8/12

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