What’s On Your Bucket List?


My mother’s birthday is shortly approaching and I asked her what she wanted. Of course her answer was “just to be with you guys,” NOT, instead it was money! What? She use to say nothing or “just get me a perfume,” but apparently she’s not about that life anymore, haha. I got into a deeper conversation with her and asked what are things that are crazy that she always wanted to do and she said, “skydiving and bungee jumping.” Surely, this 60-year-old woman was pulling my leg, oh but she wasn’t.

I’m planning to have her skydive on Mother’s Day since the weather would be nicer and after I ask her doctor, but this got me thinking about my bucket list. What are things I would want to do before I pass?


Let’s see I’m not a thrill seeker– I’ve come to hate roller coasters again, I would never skydive, never pose nude, never dance in a flash mob or paint a mural. So what exactly is there? It’s time to put those thinking hats on ladies and gents!

1. Snow boarding- I hate the cold so I’m not quite sure how this will pan out.

2. Take singing lessons! I can ruin any perfect song with my voice so I would just make it better 🙂

3. Visit Ireland. I need to learn about my daughters other half.

4. This might sound silly, but I’d love to be a juror on a murder or serial killers case. I live for this stuff so why not!?

5. Drive. Just drive from place to place every month and get to know different places in the US. Yes, I’m staying in the US, I’m not ending up in any other country’s prison!

6. Grab Rihanna’s– butt. I know, who says that? Just about everyone! Haha

7. Go to see a drive-thru movie in a mustang. I would absolutely love this.

8. Take professional dancing and compete against other teams. Salsa!

9. Play a game of paint ball.

10. Go to a race car driving school. I love the need for speed.

11. Of course be on the front cover of Latina and Maxim magazine.

12. Be part of a comedy sitcom because I would fantastic!

13. Parasailing.

14. Have a wedding, don’t need to get married though 🙂

15. Make a piece of clothing or Jewerly.

16. Have a paint fight outside or in the dark that glows in the dark.

17. Make up a name and crazy identity for myself and live by that person whenever I go out. How cool would it be to elaborate your life???

18. Be proud of my children.

19. Run around the block naked. I’m not posing nude so it’s different.

20. Play in the rain not worrying about my hair or clothes. Just having fun.

21. Lock lips with Rihanna. Why not?

What’s on your bucket list?

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