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What to Watch and NOT Watch on TV Tonight!

Yes, you may know me as a TV feen! The way I like to relax is by laying down on the couch and watching a whole series in a two to three day span. I mean feel accomplished when I can finish to series during the weekend. It’s dedication! Hey, as long as I’m not looking like a potato, don’t judge.

And if I wasn’t doing all the hard work of watching shows to recommend or not recommend then what would you do? I don’t like wasting my time, so I am here to save the day! Also, if you follow me on on Instagram, you instantly get the quick rundown of what’s good or not.

What to watch on TV tonight? Here are just a few of my FAVORITE shows this month and one film that was depressingly awful. And, fret not- I never give spoilers! Keep reading…

Ready to root for the thief? Check out Lupin and his fine self over on Netflix!

Lupin on Netflix (10/10)

If you enjoy bank heists and even another show which is on Netflix, Money Heist (AMAZING), then Lupin (playing on @Netflix ) is a MUST SEE!

It’s a French series inspired by the adventures of Arsène Lupin character from the Maurice Leblanc’s mystery novels. A thief Assane Diop sets out to avenge his father for an injustice inflicted by a wealthy family. It was recommended to me and I put it off for awhile, because I mean you seen one heist show, you seen them all.

First off, Omar Sy (Lupin) plays this sexy-magician-gentleman-thief to the T. His charm definitely pulls you into his character, rooting for him, a thief! And you’ll see he’ll charm you too. The rest of the cast also helps carry the show along, his BFF, his clueless ex-wife, childhood love bug and a new friend he brings along for the adventures!

You get right to the main heist in the beginning of the first episode, but let me assure you there are more mini-heists to look forward to. People are out to get him and the way he maneuvers his way into and out of situations with all his well thought out plans and disguises, is definitely going to have you at the edge of your seat.

The first season only has 5 episodes that leaves you with the ultimate CLIFFHANGER! But rest assured they’re releasing season 2 this summer! Lockdown is looking a bit brighter-

The Flight Attendant is getting us boozy over on HBO Max!

The Flight Attendant (HBO Max 10/10)

The Flight Attendant- you probably seen the previews where this boozy flight attendant wakes up in Bangkok next to a dead body. You’re thinking okay she gets caught and it’s all about proving her innocence. However, within those few minutes of her waking up to a bloody scene she starts to clean up the crime scene. Of course, who wouldn’t, right? Why would we want to call the authorities from a different country and end up like Amanda Knox?

The storyline gets even better and better as you watch, so much that you’ll be eager not to sleep in order to finish it all in one sitting. You see inside Cassie’s mind, her talking to the dead guy, her trying to solve the crime all while dealing with PTSD, hired assassins, her distorted childhood and friendships. We also find out she’s not the only one with secrets! Love when we have to figure out multiple scenarios and see if they’re all connected to each other.

However, as much as the writing is amazing, the acting is phenomenal (applause Kaley Cuoco), the cinematography is top notch! The use of different lenses and shots just went hand in hand together flawlessly to bring about this story.

Splendid little mystery/thriller with 8 episodes to binge on @hbomax. Have you watched? Your thoughts?

Let's get submissive with Netflix's series Bonding!

Bonding (Netflix 8/10)

I just got done watching this one over the weekend and I enjoyed it! Bonding is witty and raunchy, my two favorite things! Also, it films in NYC, so that’s a plus! It’s definitely a whole new realm for folks who know little to nothing about the life of BDSM, you know Bonding and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, Sadochism and Masochism. The life of S&M, well, in this instance, the life of a dominiatrix!

Tiff (played by Zoe Levin) is a grad student in New York City who is moonlighting as a dominatrix, Madame May. For Tiff, her sexually explicit job is a business, not a pleasure. She ends up recruiting her gay BFF, Pete (played by Brendan Scannell), who will be serving as her bodyguard and soon after a dominatrix himself (kinda). Both actors have such great chemistry together and it’s the perfect BFF relationship with ups and downs and hella complications between these two old “love birds”.

Now, some customers are definitely a bit crazy in their fantasies, and I think it’s an eye-opener for many of us to see some of the crazy things people are really into that we have no idea about! Perhaps, we become less judgemental in our views of folks, maybe we’ll end up pleasuring our spouses by tickling them as they call out to their mom….yeah. Also, this can also be the perfect show to allow you to step things up a notch in your own bedroom. I am no obsessed with wanting to tie someone up, beyond other things I can’t speak about on here (sigh).

Anyways, the series is definitely not for everyone, many scenes are vulgar and over-the-top, not something I’d watch with my prude of a mother, my mother-in-law on the other hand? DEFINITELY! If you’re not used to what’s featured in the show, your jaw will definitely be dropping multiple times.

With only 2 seasons, 7/8 episodes with an average runtime of 15 minutes per episode, you can get through this series pretty quickly.

A Teacher is playing on Hulu right now and it's not all that!

A Teacher (Hulu 3/10)

Let’s talk about another show The Teacher on @hulu . The series explores the relationship between a teacher and student, something we’ve all heard about and probably even dreamed to have with an unbelievable sexy science teacher we once had (ahem). However, this time they dig into the trauma this causes to young children.

Intriguing at first, however, overall- this was a terrible series. Okay, it’s an eye opener and very different from other teacher-student relationship series we may have seen, but this could have been better produced and scripted. Not much of a build up within each episode. It was a slow paced show with no excitement other than of course, the sex scenes, which is kind of icky because he’s a “kid”. It was more of an informative pamphlet made into a series.

The acting was, of course, exceptional with @KateMara & @therealnickrobinson as the leads, but it was just poorly executed. I understand the premise of the show and what they wanted the viewer to leave with, but that’s only within the last few minutes of the finale.

Have you seen The Teacher? Thoughts?

The Little Things on HBO Max is sure something you'll want to forget watching.

The Little Things (HBO Max 4/10)

This one hurts guys, it really truly does suck that I have to give such an awful review. We have three amazing actors; Denzel Washington, Rami Malek and Jared Leto, so you’re thinking hell, ‘I don’t even care what it’s about, but I know it’s a must see!’ But, boy, oh boy, it fell way tooooooooooo short.

Denzel plays a former disgraced LA officer who has gone through some serious shit; dealing with a divorce and being haunted by one of his old cases. His secret is intertwined with one case that he can’t let go of, and we won’t find out what it is until the end. This does play a major role in working on a new case with his replacement, the new Detective in LA, Rami Malek. The new case being a string of murders happening under their nose!

We also meet Jared Leto’s character who is disturbing to say the least. I mean in real life this guy is someone you would want to punch, but in a movie, he’s so entertaining to watch! He gets off on playing games with the cops and is the main suspect in the murders.

Once you meet Jared Leto’s character you think the movie is going one direction, but it takes a hard left I didn’t expect. I like this unexpected turn until it takes another hard left into WHAT THE F*CK. It ends up with something illegally happening, which hey, I’m all for, but then it just goes nowhere. There’s a sweet ending, an understanding and we get to the bottom of what was haunting Denzel, but that’s it! Nothing more. No WOW factor, nothing for us to cling to and remember this film. Those two hours, added up to, nothing.

This is just a few I have, I’ll be adding more as they come. In the meantime make sure to follow me on Instagram for quicker reviews on what to watch!

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