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What About Weiner?

I’m not one to speak on politics because one I don’t care much for it and two it’s always a slippery slope among people. But here’s a topic I don’t mind putting my two cents in– sex and Weiner.


Candidate Weiner is running for mayor once again since his last incident in 2011 where we all saw his weiner splashed over the media. Due to that incident he was forced out as our congressmen. I didn’t really see what the issue was and still don’t.

What does his sexual escapade matter as to what he does or can do for New York?

Just in case you didn’t know–
• Weiner initiated programs to address quality of life concerns.
• Started a program to put at-risk and troubled teens to work cleaning up graffiti
• Developed plans for historic Sheepshead Bay that led to a revival of the area
• He sought to increase federal funding, ban dangerous dogs, and to increase the number of police officers.
• Was the chief sponsor of the Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking Act (PACT) in 2009, which makes the selling of tobacco in violation of any state tax law a federal felony.
Etc. etc. etc.

All the good he’s done and being such an outspoken individual has been clouded by his sexual ‘sexting’ issue. His wife once again is standing by his side as he told the world that after the 2011 scandal he continued to send young women pictures of his anatomy via Twitter.


Okay! Lets move on!

But no, of course people want to dwell on this scandal and are asking him to step down-again. Why!?

I do agree that he has an impulsive characteristic that marriage counsel our a psychiatrist may need to dabble into, but that’s not my business. How does him sending pictures of his weiner to women effect what he can do in office? Nothing.

All I know is that besides being the only candidate who would be the right decision according to his resume, standing up for what he believes is right for New Yorkers, he’s also a freak, haha.

In all seriousness though, I don’t see why him showing off his pogo stick has anything to do. Do you?


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