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Ways to Stop Constipation

child is constipated

Ways to Stop Constipation

A few weeks ago me and Ziana went to a pool birthday party- super fun, super wet! All was great until it was time to for her to finish eating her plate of yummy chicken, Spanish rice and salad. The sloughed over look, sad eyes and whining came out of nowhere and she said her stomach was hurting. Now we recently had discovered that when she doesn’t want to eat she claims she’s tired or that her tummy hurts, so I figured it was one of those moments.

That was until the cake came and no interest in that either–

Okay, something is wrong! Who passes up cake?

Our trip to the hospital

As we walked to the car she walked over slouched, but not in pain. She fell asleep in the car and as soon I parked the car she started crying in pain. Off to the hospital we go. And the only reason I decided to go was because it wasn’t the first time she’s complained about her tummy. After a few x-rays, 9 hours and falling asleep at 1AM and after Long Island Jewish hospital forgot about us, it was determined that it was all constipation and gas… thanks Ziana!

This past year since Ziana started Pre-k she’s been obsessed with talking about poop, looking at her poop and describing her poop. She even talked about it in length on a video here. Despite all of that, she does not like to go to the bathroom, which makes sense because ll kids think that if they stop what they’re doing to use the facility it’l all end.

Since that incident I make mandatory breaks everyday for her to sit down– sometimes with a book- to relieve herself. Doesn’t always work. It has gotten better where it doesn’t come out hard or she’s in pain while letting it all go.

How to help relieve constipation

Here are some tips to keep those kids hydrated enough to do the ‘dirty:’

– Cut down on so much dairy. I was making the kid drink a glass of milk everyday because I thought it was best. Well in fact to much dairy (milk, cheese, dairy) constipates them, constipates anyone.

– Give them tons of water (3 to 4 glasses)

– Prune juice helps! Actually prunes are better, but of the taste is too much juice can be fine, although it has less fiber. I give this to my kids every other day or so.

– Fatty, sugary, and starchy foods won’t help the issue. Foods with high-fiber like fruits and vegetables, beans or whole grain bread can help them.

– Now if you’re kid is picky as to what they put in their mouths try smoothies! I have some great smoothie recipes on this blog post here.

– They say exercise helps– basically moving around helps your muscles in your stomach to contract.

– Make a schedule for them to sit down everyday and try to go. When Ziana gets home from school I make her go sit down for a bit all while she fights me!

For more information on constipation, causes and health issues check out Everyday Health.

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