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Ways to Recuperate After A Superbowl Loss


As of now I am alive. I say that because when the niners were down by hundreds of points I was scared for my life. My boyfriend a 49ers groupie, was already getting upset and I for one know when a man’s team loses– they lose. Which only means a whole bunch of hell in your household. Ziana and I even got blamed for being bad luck charms! So what exactly should someone do to let their man recuperate after such a loss?

– Leave them alone!!!! It could be a few minutes to hours to even days, especially if he’s such a fan.

– They need to go to the gym and punch some bags immediately. If they don’t go right away there will be some decorative holes all around your house.

– Let them just talk even if it’s all crap that’s coming out their mouth.

– Blame the referees, coaches, other team down to the hostess.

– Don’t say anything to minimize the situation like it’s “just a game” or anything of that sort. Better yet just keep your pie-hole shut.

– Don’t let them get any drunker than they already are. Even though my boyfriend said he just wants to sink his sorrow away.

– Pop in Madden for them so their team can win on there, haha.

– If they don’t have Madden any aggressive and violent video game will do.

– Sex can help heal the pain!

Follow all these rules and within a few months your man will be back to his old self again. 🙂


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