Ways 2 Save When On Your Own


Moving into your own place is a very scary yet exhilarating feeling you go through when taking the next big step in life. I always dreamed about moving to my place when I saved up enough money. And saved I did which was more than enough, but no matter how much money I had it was never enough so that opportunity slipped through my hands, haha. I never did live on my own, but I did eventually leave the cozy nest I had occupied for 25 years and moved in with my boyfriend.

When your moving out there are things you’ll always need to do beforehand and during so here is your guide:

– Make a budget of your future expenses; rent, security, electricity, cable, phone, credit card, car note, food, going out cash.

– Learn how to balance your check book and be organized when putting away your paid bills.

– Take everything you own! Such as bedroom furniture.

– A lot of things you had in your room can also be used in other rooms of your place.

– Don’t be shy on taking people’s “hand-me downs.” When I moved out I got my sister-in-laws old kitchen table/chairs and I got end tables plus lamp from my parents old stuff.

– Always take stuff from your parents house; some food, toilet paper, tubberware and such 🙂

– Shop in places such as Walmart or TJ Maxx where you can save money on nice decor.

– To save time on going to the laundry mat you can always bring your dirty clothes to your parents. Plus you spend time with them– that’s killing two birds with one stone.

– Shop at BJ’s even it’s just you. You get more for your buck.

– Don’t over spend on things you can’t afford.

– Your phone bill might be costing you an arm and two legs so possibly thinking about cutting down on your plan or provider should be considered.

– Don’t leave your television or lights on when their not being used. That’s just unnecessary bucks being added to your bill.

– Dishes, silverware and a trash can are necessities.

-Shower curtain, soap, shampoo/conditioner, towels, toilet paper is essential.

– Try and prepare yourself to sleeping all alone in a dark bedroom.

– Plan a house-warming party is a great move! People will buy you small yet amazing things you’ll be using.

– YouTube cooking videos so you can make something more than mac and cheese.

– Try your best not to touch your savings.

– Don’t sign with Time Warner if you don’t have to, they suck!

– Don’t get a house phone unless you have children at home or it comes with the cable bill.

– Paying for a parking spot in your buildings garage would be convenient, but if you can’t afford it don’t do it!

– Have one certain place for all your bills therefore when you see it you’ll know you have to cough some money up.

– Save grocery bags as garbage bags.

– Save napkins from fast food restaurants.

– 99cent stores have a lot of cheap necessities like pots and pans, garbage cans, plates, soap etc.

– Don’t bother on hiring movers I’m sure you have friends/family that will help you who have trucks.

That’s about all the advice I could think of. Hopefully, this helped and has you thinking on whether or not moving is right for you and has given you tips on ways to save.


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