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Values of a Friend


We all have friends from the day we’re born– are parents are pushing their friends babies to play with you. You start learning what friends are and want everyone to be your friend. You even start calling everyone your friend. Some learn that not everyone should be honored with that title and others still don’t know that.

I was one of those people that would call everyone and their mother a friend. I took the meaning of a friend with a grain of salt. I didn’t know what the big deal was, but the wiser you get with age the more you learn.

I have so many young “amigos,” which means friends that watch my YouTube channel who have come to me with issues regarding certain friends; whether their friend is a true friend or worth still being friends with, therefore I decided to touch on the subject on my blog and on my channel.

A friend should definitely prove themselves to you and I don’t mean write you a prom of how much they mean to you, but during your low moments in life be there for you. Be there to encourage you, keep you positive and must importantly make their shoulder available to cry on.

One of the most important characteristics to me in a friend is to have many of the same morals and values. Back then as a kid and young adult I didn’t care much for it. So what if she used guys for money? What did it matter if she stole? Did drugs or didn’t spend time with her or cheated on her boyfriend? If it didn’t effect me directly or made any changes in my life I didn’t care. But ever hear of bird of the same feather flock together?

You may not be like your friend at all, but people start putting you into the same crappy box as your friend. They’ll start thinking you’re someone with low values and morals and essentially trash. Sure, who cares what other things, but no matter what you don’t want to be thought of as that. I’ve let many friends go because of this. I want to keep my surroundings with positive people who are doing things with their lives and not holding me back from growing.

Aside, from all the serious values, something that is important to me is someone who is as silly as me. I love to laugh and act like a kid so when someone shares my sense of humor it’s a friendship for life. I have a good handful of them and I don’t need more to feel “special.” I feel that growing up we as young girls feel that having a lot of friends was what was important– and it’s not. Keep in mind that it is often the quality of friends and not quantity of friends you have that will usually always make you feel secure and not alone.

For me, that’s what I look for in my friendships, what qualities do you think are important?

Checkout the video here:

values of a friend

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