Valentine’s Day Surprises


Valentine’s Day!!!!

What a great day to start a budding romance or continue a great relationship. Besides it being a commercialized gimmick it’s still pretty awesome, especially for guys who don’t know how to be sweet throughout the year this is the day they can try.

So are you stuck in a pickle on where to go or what to do with you partner or someone you’re just casually dating? Look no further, I’m here to help!

This part is for those who are in a relationship:

1. Take her somewhere she has always talked about. For instance if she’s always talked about wanting to watch a drive-in movie try to find one and take her. If there aren’t any around you can make it on your own. Like doing it in your backyard with candles all around a blanket on the grass with pillows surrounding you and the projector facing the fence or a sheet.

Or another example she has always raved about this childhood book she grew up to love you can find the first edition or take her to the place where the story was told. Simple and sweet. This shows her you pay attention and that doesn’t even cost a lot of money– I think.

2. Take her to dinner. Very played out, but why not go to a new and different restaurant? Or if she’s more of a homebody cook her dinner, make some drinks and clean up. Let her relax and enjoy YOU doing all the work for a day.

Don’t know how to make the perfect Valentine’s Day drink? My favorite chef Fabio has got you covered here.


Or even a Valentine’s Day breakfast with pink heart pancakes, sausage, eggs, bacon– the whole buffet, if she’ll be coming home late from work.

3. Leave a bunch of notes for her in things such as her purse, jacket, wallet, car, iPod, calendar alerts in her phone and whatever else you can think of. Then the best note for when they come home.

4. Adventurous? Then go in-door rock climbing and have notes on certain rocks with something special on them that she’ll have to climb to get to. I just came up with that and I love it, haha.


5. Buy a whole bunch of rosé pedals and I mean a BUNCH, place them down trailing to the bedroom or wherever you’d like to end up with candles all over. Then press play to a song that’s your song as a couple and dance to it. Finish off with a dinner (if you can). 😉


6. Couple’s spa. Relaxing and enjoyable for both of you. Either go out to a spa or do in the comfort of your home.

7. A scavenger hunt is always fun and thoughtful depending what you put down– where you had your date, first place you kissed, the place that time she fell on her ass, her favorite salad spot and so on. Get it? Have her go to each place and have her figure out where to go from the note or just tell her where to go. The last note of course leads to you.

8. I love candy so just buying me a whole bunch of the old school candies I grew up on for Valentine’s Day would be awesome WITH a very romantic and heartfelt/funny card.


9. Make it a night of hot and new sex. New sex positions, candy bikini, oils for massages and such.


10. Give her a private concert. Say if you play the guitar you can write and play her the song. Very sweet and thoughtful.

Now for those who are just dating some one for a little while here are some things you can do:

1. Chocolates and flowers

2. Chocolates and a teddy bear

3. Dinner and chocolates

4. Dinner and a movie

That’s of course if it’s just someone you’re dating and you don’t know where it’s going. Don’t want to waste your money on someone who’s not even going to be a part of your life for long.

Or if you’re an asshole like many guys you can dump them before the holiday and not have to worry about what to do. Not saying this is at all right just coincidentally my cousin got dumped right before Valentine’s Day– yeah, guys still do this so BEWARE!

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    Alicia Gibbs (@LaFashionChica)
    Feb 12, 2013 at 12:30 pm

    So many fun and cute ideas. I’m pretty traditional so I’m happy with dinner and a movie & a small gift. I’m a big foodie and enjoy eating out. But is love a spa day. I’ve never had one.

    • Reply
      Feb 12, 2013 at 2:08 pm

      Me too I’m very simple. Perhaps you should send your partner this post so they can get a hint, haha.

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