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Valentine’s Day Decor for Your Home

*This post “Valentine’s Day Decor for Your Home” is sponsored by Oriental Trading*
Looking for some Valentine's Day decor to decorate this year? These easy cute Valentines decor ideas are perfect for that. Especially if you love the farmhouse rustic style.

Alright, alright so I did it– talking about what I would want in my home from the last post made the browsing into an actual purchase, or two, or three. At first I wasn’t going to decorate because my style is country farmhouse and pinks just don’t mix in with it too well, but red does. I figured instead of just doing all cute and pink home decor pieces, why not blend the two?

That was my starting point– blending the two colors and somehow tying into the theme of my home. That didn’t mean I was going to decorate the whole house- wall to wall- with Valentine’s Day decor, but I wanted to designate one area of my home with some love. Kids don’t have a playroom so I didn’t see much going on there. People usually deck out their vestibule area or mantle, but I don’t have neither. So the next best thing was my semi-big living room window. Most of the Valentine’s Day home decor is happening there, but I also wanted to add some sparks of love in other areas of the living room like the couch and coffee table.

Home Decor for Valentine’s Day

I still have my checkered curtains up and decided to keep them up because- well they’re amazing! Plus, they look great with red, as you seen here.

Anyone else have a thing for wreaths? They’re a great addition all year round– of course, if you change up the colors etc. This heart shaped was too cute!

valentine's day decorating ideas for your home

I LOVE flowers and plants fake ones! All the greenery just makes me feel all happy inside, so I made sure I added some more like I did; Large Boxwood Balls and “Small Boxwood Balls”. Then “Pink Peonies” to finish it up!

I can't believe Valentine's Day is right around the corner! Check out my Valentine's Day window sill for some inspiration for decorating for the big day.

Pillows are always a good idea so get these cute fun ones to add more fun and lovin’ to the couch

When I see a good table runner I”m all for it– of course I wanted to go with pink or red, maybe even a black/white pattern one? I saw these “Sequined Table Runners” , and of course, knowing my love for sequins and flashy things it was quickly added to my cart.

Now I don’t know about you, but I have a really bad habit of never reading measurements. I saw the “Love Buffet Containers” loved how cute it was and small– until I actually got it and it was pretty big! Thankfully my new coffee table has more then enough room to hold it and the yummy candy to go along with it. Then a striped cloth napkin to add some dimension.

Add pops of black/white patterns, pink and red to everyday decor for a Valentine's Day style you'll love!

Now time for the best part of my house– the window sill! Besides having the heart shaped wreath, I wanted to make sure the window sill also had some things going on.
Layered Heart Garland
Galvanized Lantern Candle Holders
Pink Pomander Kissing Ball

Perfect for Valentines Day/seasonal/winter home decorating. They are the perfect size for a window sill, bookshelf, end table, mantel, or anywhere else you can think!

And you guys while I was taking everything out of the packaging, Miss. Ziana Eliz (my daughter) not only helped clean the galvanized candle holders, but thought putting flowers on top as well as the inside might be a great idea. I looked at her and said no, until I tried it to humor her and WOW! She was right! All that Chip and Jo Gaines,HGTV watching has done her some good.

Do you plan to decorate for Valentine’s Day?

Now you can watch some entertainment from my daughters channel about Valentines day-

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