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Unwilling SEX TAPE!?

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I don’t know about you, but I’ve tried my hardest in not ever doing a sex tape for the fear of it getting out– and I say “tried” because you never know what the person you’re sharing this experience with might be doing. This was exactly the case when Carlo Dellaverson, 30, who is an NBC Producer decided to do, he set up a nice romantic evening with his live-in girlfriend on Valentine’s Day of this year. However, this scumbag thought it would be even more romantic to record the whole encounter and not just for them to watch afterwards to perfect their bedroom skills, but instead to upload it to a porn site! Romance is NOT dead ladies!

The woman found the video on his computer Thursday, several months after it was taken, sources said, and promptly dumped Dellaverson and moved out of their love nest [NY Post]. I guess he figured he’d never get lost since he had uploaded it to an Australian porn site, which has about 9 million registered users. Dellaverson was awaiting arraignment in Manhattan Criminal Court on Tuesday evening.

I don’t if I’m more upset that I wasn’t told so I could’ve seen me in action and perhaps fix some issues or that I didn’t even get paid! Ha, no seriously I’d be beyond furious there probably isn’t even a word for it. A porn-star gets paid to get down and dirty, which I guess is fine? I did not sign up for the life of a porn-star, I actually think my body is a wonderland and only John Mayer I mean my BOYFRIEND can see it.

I’ve always been nervous about this kind of thing happening to me. You just never know; things may be going great between you and the guy or boyfriend you’d think they’d never do something like this to you, but then you break up and the asshole that he always was comes out. I remember a story my mother told me years ago– a man who was going through a divorce with his ex-wife took the sex tape they had together and had somehow Photoshopped a picture of another man onto his head and stated to the judge that his wife was unfaithful. Crazy, but that’s what happens! People become vicious you must be careful.

Even in bathrooms of strangers, an ex’s bedroom or fitting rooms anywhere that isn’t my home I’d always do a sweep– check behind curtains, look at suspicious holes or check behind books etc and I’d always close the curtain or cover the suspicious hole up. It’s funny, but I’m very scared of people who are not “authorized” to see me naked to see me naked. There’s been case after case of these perverts finding a way to get a peek and I’ll be damned if I’m a victim! Just so happens in this case the woman’s boyfriend was the pervert.

Just follow the rule of this new generation– don’t take nude pics or video and send them and be somewhat of a police dog and check all rooms!

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