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Top Christmas Picks for Kids 2018

It's that time of year again! Christmas! What toys, books, and board games will your children love?! I've got you covered with baby toys, boy toys, girls toys, books and more!

Christmas is here! I’ve gotten a few questions from amigos asking what toys I would recommend since Toys R’ Us is no longer around (for now). Also, since I work at TTPM which is the go-to place for parents to read and watch reviews of all the newest and hottest toys, I’ve got hands-on experience to many toys.

With that I curated a list in Amazon Shop for you to view. From baby toys, to girl toys, to boy toys, to unisex toys, board games and, of course, books! I always think it’s important to gift children books so they can start or continue the love of reading. I added board games into the mix because we’re huge fans of family game nights– it brings the whole family together, so why not introduce you to some of our favorites?

A few of the toys I placed in my Amazon Shop are ones I personally reviewed for TTPM, some which my kids have and other which I thought would be a great addition.

Reminder before you start looking– many of the items have different colors or characters available. For instance the Melissa and Doug Magnetic Wooden Dress-Up Pretend Play Set, come with different characters. Or the LeapFrog Epic Academy Edition comes in two different colors. Therefore, when looking at an item make sure to scroll and see if they have different colors and/or characters.

Please take a look and let me know if I helped in any way and if perhaps I should add something more to my “Top Xmas Picks for Kids” list.

Enjoy! Visit Amazon storefront here!

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