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Too Far or Fair: Twerking


Unless you’ve been living under a rock I’m sure you’ve heard about the father who beat his two daughters with an electric cord due to a “twerking” video they posted on their Facebook page. “Twerking” is a specialized dance where you shake your ass and hips. Here’s a demonstration– [youtube width=”450″ height=”453″][/youtube]

If you’ve read my past post, “It’s Spanking Time”, you’ll know I’m all for spanking and hitting your child when needed and to a certain extent. So when I heard about this story of a father in Ohio, Greg Horn, hitting his two daughters, 12 and 14, when they posted a video of themselves (I believe half-naked) shaking their ass on Facebook I said “good for them!” Then I saw the video– not the “twerking” video, but the spanking video and although it was a bit excessive I agree with the father for what he did. If you haven’t watched the video you can watch it here.


So who caught him hitting his children and how is America aware of this? Well for some reason unbeknownst to anyone he recorded the video himself and put it up on the Internet! I guess he thought his punishing his kids was equally the same as those other parents who have their children hold up an embarrassing note up of what they did. Boy was he mistaken. Greg Horn is being charged with child abuse, child endangerment and corporal punishment.


The reason I’m on Greg’s side for punishing his kids the way he did is because that’s how many of us were raised up. I could never disrespect my parents even the mere thought of disrespecting them and I got hit. I was deathly afraid of my father– and many might say no child should be scared of their parents, but I whole heartily disagree. With the fear he instilled in me I never ever did anything to disrespect my father, myself or disobey his rules. And if it wasn’t for my fathers strict rules I would’ve probably been crazier than I already am, got knocked up and probably never went to college and got a degree.

Now these girls who were acting like strippers and posted the video are getting sympathy. Who’s to blame for their behavior and low morals? Not them of course because their kids, right? It’s always the parents fault so whether he beat them or had let it go he’s going to be judged. “Gossip On This” reports that in fact it wasn’t a “twerking” video that pushed the father over the edge it was actually him punishing the girls for sneaking out the house. Since there has not been any recent updates on this case I’m just going to go with the initial story of the “twerking” video. Whether it was sneaking out or stealing a shirt from a friend they deserved to get hit. If talking does not work a good slap or spanking is definitely the next step.

I sound so old when saying this, but the youth these days are so out of control it’s not only because it’s kids having kids it’s also letting these kids control their parents and threatening them with calling the police on them. They all need a good a** whooping to get them back in check and the government/state needs to stop interfering when a parent disciplines their child. Child abuse is very different then a spanking. What Greg Horn did was extreme since he left welts and cuts, but the charges he’s being charged with are even more extreme. Had he just hit them with the cord twice, maybe even three times then that would’ve been fine. Yes, I said it and I stick by it, but since he didn’t he should be punished just a little bit.

What are your thoughts?

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