Too Big or Too Small?

First off let me start off by saying I apologize for all my fellow Hispanics in advance. I say this because I am truly embarrassed when I see this–


I said Hispanics and couldn’t find one picture of us doing it, lol, but I know you have all seen it! All types of parents for some reason think it’s okay for a child over the age of 4 to still sit in a stroller. I was at Target this weekend and saw three children about 8 who were riding in strollers. There’s no such evidence that this will affect your child, but talk about social ridicule. I and thousands of others will make fun of your kid and judge you as a parent.

Maybe it’s the stroller that’s too small for your big kid? Ummm, no.


The only possible answer I can come up with on why these bobo’s parents is that children get tired of walking after a while. Who cares!? If they can walk and have somewhat of a meaningful conversation with an adult their too big for the stroller. You’re just making them lazy and who wants that?

If you need help on when to know if it’s time to fold up that stroller away follow these tips from The Stir:

-If your kids’ legs are long enough to fold completely under the seat
-If your kid can scoot the stroller forward with his own feet, Fred Flintstone-style
-If you constantly have to buy your kid new sneakers because dragging has created wear and tear on her shoes
-If your kid can clearly offer another child their seat and push them instead
-If your kid can give directions to a stranger
-If your kid can cross her legs like a diva at a dinner party
-If your kid can recite his ABCs, identify colors, and list at least 10 state capitals
-If your kid can fold the stroller up and slide it into the backseat of the car
If your kid can push you in the stroller

Sure call me judgmental who doesn’t? But next time you hear laughter just know we’re laughing at you, haha.


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