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Toddler Photoshoot!

 mother daughter photoshoot
It’s been months, but I’m finally taking the time out to post these photos up of Ziana and her photo-shoot this past Summer. It was one of those windy Summer days when Summer was barely here that Yevgeniya Fedorov took these amazing photos of Ziana. Besides always posing for me I didn’t know how she’d do with someone else taking photos of her, but being the professional that I knew she could be, Ziana posed, froze and listened to directions like a pro! Unfortunately, because of the windy day not many photos and outfit changes could be done, but there’s always next time.

It was definitely a fun day and besides checking out the photos you could also check out the Youtube vlog

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 gorgeous toddler model

 playground photoshoot

 abrams model

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 baby photo shoot

 how to model

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