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Tips for Child Acting and Modeling

Getting your child into the world of acting or modeling is no easy task. There are thousands of reputable agencies, just like there are thousands of scam agencies. You must always be mindful of what to look for and with years of experience one of the most important things I learned was to follow my instincts. Yet, some people don’t have them or don’t trust them, so I wanted to share some tips that have helped me and many from one of my Facebook groups.

Tips for modeling headshots

– Agents do not advertise! According to the industry’s EIC Code of Ethics, talent and background agents cannot advertise to the public.

– Agents do not give photographic services or give classes! A reputable agent may suggest specific photographers or classes to you but cannot require you to use them.

– Children and extras do not need professional-quality photos! Babies and toddlers never need professional photos. Extras need to offer a snapshot to their agents. Children under the age of ten do not need professional photos unless they are working regularly.

– An agent cannot guarantee work! An agent who tells you that they have acting work for you must give you a copy of the signed contract along with the details of the job (who is hiring you, what you will be paid, etc.)

– Agents are not casting directors! Agents earn commissions when their clients work. Casting directors are paid by the production and never take money from performers for any reason.

– Agents specialize! Agents usually represent actors, extras or models. Be wary if the agency claims to represent all of these categories.

– Paying for exposure isn’t a thing, you never ever have to pay an agency for photos with their photographer.

My daughter has been signed…

About a month or two ago Ziana Eliz got signed with Nouveaux, they liked the photos I submitted. I snapped the photos myself, no way were they professional, but they were well-lit and the only color editing I did was adding some exposure.

There was absolute no pressure in having to pay any fee or that I had to take new photos with their photographer. They did suggest a photographer if I wanted to get new photos, which I did want. I didn’t go with the photographer they suggested and instead looked around. The reason I wanted new photos for Ziana Eliz is because I wanted professional photos, sometimes those professional photos can get you direct booking– meaning casting can just book you a job from your head shot. One thing to remember is that these particular photographers aren’t cheap. One photographer can charge about $400 for three looks while another one can charge around $900 for 2/3 looks.

Thank you to Smiley Kids Photo for taking these shots of Ziana Eliz!

My Personal Top Tips:

1- I would strongly suggest going with someone who shoots children and has worked with children
2- Make sure they have a website or Instagram, something to showcase their work
3- See what others are saying about them, Google them.

The first rule of thumb is to understand that in this industry more expensive doesn’t equate to better. If someone could ‘buy’ success everyone would. Sometimes the most expensive services actually give the least benefit. You can get more in-depth details on red flags and what to look for at Biz Parentz. Make sure to follow these tips!

Recommended Photographers

Andrea Linn

Sarah Anna Hansen

Sarah Anna Hansen

– Cathryn Farnsworth
– Christie Lane Photography
– David Muller Photgraphy
– Goofyfoot Photography _Laura Joyce
– Julie Daniels Photography
– Lil Toes Photography by Colette
– Nicole Benitez Photography
– Rena Durham Photography
– Tamara Tihanyi Photography

-Looking Glass Photography

– Elizabeth Pettey Photography
– Lee Clower Photography
– MKG Photography
– Yungerberg Photography
– Portraits by Alinda
– Wai Ng photography

– Alex & Bella Photography

– Artistically Mine Photography

How does a parent spot a scam?

Things you need to know about getting your kids into modeling or acting!

Child acting tips and scams

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