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Timeouts in Relationships


We all know what timeouts are; we’ve been on them or are practicing this now with our children. Timeouts are to give that child some time to think about what they did, calm down and reflex on their actions, it’s even a break for you as a parent, but what about having timeouts in a relationship? Do you put your partner in a time out?

I’ve never called not talking to my boyfriend or walking away from him a “timeout,” but that’s essentially what it is and I’m going to start calling it as such. Imagine going to your partner and saying “I’m going on a timeout from you because I can’t stand your existence!” It’s quite humorous and might even change the whole course of the fight.

Now in all honesty we all have those fights where before it exacerbates it’s best to walk away from the argument in order to get your head cooled off. Better said then done, right? When we fight we are so passionate about our sides that we get lost at what the whole reasoning behind our fight was. We go into saying things we shouldn’t say and bring things up that have absolutely nothing to do with the topic. Happens to us all the time. My boyfriend took “timeouts” all the time, he’d go take a walk and then come back inside with a leveled head– not anymore. I use to hate him walking out because I like to resolve the issue right that minute. And although I can easily get over things quickly men don’t.

When your partner isn’t ready to talk about it he’s just not ready and it’s best for you both to go to your corners, of course pick the corner that has the bed and tv and easy access to the kitchen. Again, that’s easier said then done. My boyfriend knows when I’m mad because I give him no acknowledgement what-so-ever and he becomes a ghost. You know us women are very good at that. Now when he’s mad? He will do just about the same– give me the silent treatment and be very short in his responses. NOT OKAY WITH ME! You will not treat me like crap as I treat you! Haha.. it’s funny how we can give it to our men, but when the tables are turned it goes to a completely different level of hell.

It’s so easy for us to ignore their calls or texts, but so help them if try to turn the tables and do it to us. I will be the one to call over and over, send text after text and maybe drive up to his job! I’m just a tad crazy– he knew it beforehand. I see timeouts only working when we want it, everyone’s just better off like that! Wouldn’t you agree?

Have you ever gone or put someone on timeout?

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    Dec 1, 2015 at 11:08 pm

    I think timeouts are healthy, sometimes men are just little boys on the inside and they want to kick and scream and throw a fit, so what I do is I act like it doesn’t bother me. I remember watching an episode of The Simpsons and Marge Told her daughter when she was crying that we are women we can hold it in forever. while this isn’t technically 100% true, it does have some meaning to it. my boyfriend is currently throwing a fit and is in the wrong. …….let’s just say he wants his way. I can clearly see that him calling my cousin to go play pool with him is a way to coax me to chase after him, but the more I give into it the more he plays into it, the more stern I am the less chasing I have to do. It’s funny because he is so see through, the old puppy dog look on his face shines clearly through his fake angry face, when asked if he was still going to play pool he said I don’t know. I ignored him and kept reading my book so they left and went to play pool. now I can bet you any money that he can’t even play pool right right now and he wants to come home, its called reverse psychology, put him on time out when he is wrong,now there are sometimes when you are in the wrong and you have to admit it and you have to put yourself on a time out and give them their space and make it up to them, but as a woman you must respect your man and demand respect back.

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      Dec 2, 2015 at 11:55 pm

      You are totally right! I see when I ignore him and he’s in the wrong he eventually comes to me, but other times he just doesn’t care. I see what you mean though definitely!!!

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    Jun 11, 2015 at 2:51 pm

    At he beginning of our relationship when we argued about stupid stuff really, I was the one walking away always. When I’m fed up with something I just want to run. He never let me he would come running after me, so we would have to solve it right there and then. I would hate it because it’s hard for me to let it go so fast. Is like hello how can you be over it? Sometimes I wish I could get over situations quick, I’m much better now though. It’s because I’m a Pisces we over think And over analyze every detail. Now we fight and he leaves or goes to his man cave. He still gets over it and acts like nothing happened but he doesn’t go after me. Maybe because I’m not going anywhere I can’t now I got a baby! Ha-ha. Anyways after I’m over it we’re all over each other.

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      Jun 17, 2015 at 2:59 pm

      lmao he got you chained up!

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