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The Women’s Movement

The Women’s Movement

The Women's movement 2017

This is the 22nd century right? I swear I think many women don’t realize this or don’t want to. Now I’m not a mad woman who’s all for the feminist movement, but I do feel a certain way about it.

For instance, a female who doesn’t stand up for what they want, how they feel, letting men talk down to them, telling them what to do– not having a voice! This shakes me to the core. Growing up in this house-hold is what made me half of the person I am today.

Granted I grew up healthy and loved, but it wasn’t all rainbows and carebears. My parents, like many other Hispanic parents, followed the traditional ways where a man ruled everything and that’s how it was. My mother was the one who lived in the kitchen making a dish everyone liked, the one who cleaned the home, took care of the kids, paid the bills, worked and so on. As for my father he was the provider who expected dinner at a certain time and on the table when he got home, the home to be in tip-top shape and kids to be cared for.

I’m not trying to say my father would just lay back and do nothing– he was very hardworking when it came to his business, taking care of the home, providing us with clothes, books, vacations and so much more. I’m just saying the way he liked to micro-manage and control everything my mother, brother and myself did wasn’t something I ever liked.

My Women’s Movement

Those who know me know I don’t let anyone, much less a man to ever think he can talk to me in any certain way. I have a loud mouth and will stand up to any man– don’t care if he’s a big guy and could probably throw me across the room, at least I’m standing up for myself.

That’s not the only thing that sets me off about the man vs woman roles we apparently live in. Although I think men should be the provider, woman can give too (not an issue). Woman can do the laundry, but men should help as well, woman can be the main cook, but it shouldn’t be expected for a dish to be on the table every night, men can cook too. Us woman are wired to care for our children, but shouldn’t men be as well? We shouldn’t be asking our men to take care of their own children!

It boggles my mind to know women who have their husbands/boyfriends continue to live the life of a bachelor and expect the woman to take care of the kids while their out living it up. A woman who goes away on vacation and has to ask her mother to take care of the baby because her husband doesn’t know how to— WHAT!? That doesn’t even make sense. How old is your child? A year!? And he still doesn’t know? Shame on you.

It may be very hard for a woman to find that voice, but laying down and taking it isn’t a winning position. If you’re caught in a relationship like this it’s never too late to break the chain. You can easily start out by saying you don’t like his cologne or whatever you dislike and see how he takes it. If its taken badly, well then you know change is not likely to happen, but that doesn’t mean you can’t change.

A woman who can’t or won’t shut a man down when he’s getting reckless with his words and demands is not something I admire and don’t think any child would look up to that. Be an example, know when to stand up against your man vs when to just lay down and take it. The Women’s Movement for now and always!

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