The Wave Of Technology & Kids

I’ve often complained about how today’s youth is completely different from when I grew up. For instance, we were masters of imagination– making up games and playing outside where we explored nature and got scraped up. Now, technology is everywhere that you no longer see kids playing outside, rather sit inside play video games or sit on their phones all day.


I always said it was a negative and still do in many ways, but there is an upside to this movement. We all know technology isn’t just a fad, it’s clearly here to stay– FOREVER.

And that holds true with Ziana and my nieces and nephew. Babies love technology! Forget buying them baby toys, buy them an iPhone or iPad and they’re set. No matter what Z is doing as soon as she hears my ringtone she stops to dance and will mosie on over to pick up MY phone, my phone! This kid knows how to flip through the pages, press the home button and always accidentally presses the music button to play some tunes. It’s crazy.

The younger generations after our parents have succumbed to it more, but many of us are still apprehensive because for some reason we believe we’re frying our children’s brains. Every child is different and there’s going to be new studies every year to change what the study prior to them said. It’s life.


The wave of tomorrow is technology. Learn to deal with this.

The only advice I can give is do what you please. Of course, I’m not talking about letting your kids play games all day on the computer or sit on social media outlets– although we’ve seen popular competitive gamers (eSports) and someone by the name of Mark Zuckerberg creating Facebook and becoming millionaires– hmm.

Maybe you should let them then– enough said. Right!?

An interesting topic on CNN I read regards this very topic. claims that computer-programming jobs are growing at twice the U.S. national average while less than 2.4% of college students graduate with degrees in computer science — less than 10 years ago.

That’s insane!

Sure you can always be a scientist, doctor or lawyer making six-seven figures, but why go into debt pursuing that and spending years in school when you can learn coding on your own and get a good paying job, create an app, game and much more without all the debt and schooling?


Gates says, “I was 13 when I first got access to a computer. I wrote a program to play tick-tack-toe.”

“Ding, ding, ding” or should I say “Ching-Ching!”

With every positive there’s a negative. Life wouldn’t be life without it. Although, I’m still a true advocate of traditional ways of kid fun, I’m also coming into terms of this new era.

Will you?


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