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The Walk of Shame Guide

the walk of shame

Oh the days of dreading the walk of shame after a good day/night. To be honest I don’t know why they’re even called the walk of shame because after it all it was a great time and there should nothing to be ashamed of, but what would our lives be without judgement? With the holiday parties coming I figured there will be a lot more hook-ups– some that will be cherished and some that we may regret.

Many hookups have ended up in long-lasting relationships, mine can kind of be listed under that category, which as you know has lasted four years and two kids so at times it isn’t THAT bad. I definitely don’t suggest hook-ups for those who are looking for love and marriage, don’t look forward to anything long-lasting. If it happens then that’s great, but lets not get our hopes up.

Now lets move on to what you’ll need–

One thing for sure if it’s going to be a party where you’re wearing a fancy dress you MUST bring a tee and jeans just in case (depending on the weather), because nothing screams walk of shame then wearing the same fancy dress during daylight at 9AM. If you have that outfit out the way gathering the other things will be easy. This is easier said then done if you have a car. I wouldn’t recommend bringing that bag of necessities up the person’s place because that just gives him the impression that you’re an OG! Leave it in the car and carry the smalls things (if they fit) in your purse. If you don’t have a car– well then you’re screwed, or maybe, just maybe he’ll they’ll be generous enough to lend you a tee.

Here’s your quick kit on how to be ready just in case things get crazy fun.
-flats unless the heels match the tee/jeans outfit
-toothbrush because who wants nasty morning breath
-wipes to clean our faces and precious lady parts
-sunglasses to hide any crazy makeup that won’t come off and bags that shouldn’t be shown

Now the morning of don’t over stay you’re welcome unless he wants you to and you want to too. Get up early, gather your belongings, freshen up and feel out the moments you had to know what your goodbye statement will be; see you around, call me,I had fun, we should this again sometime– just say something! Nothing is more awkward than just standing there like two buffoons not knowing what to say.

Take these tips and you’ll be good to walk the walk. And this should go without saying, but be smart and use protection if it goes that far!

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