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The Snuggle Hoe

Has anyone heard of the Snuggler woman? Basically, it’s a woman who provides non-sexual snuggling and cuddling for $60 an hour! My thoughts? BRILLIANT. It’s like a hooker without having sex- thus the snuggle hoe, oh and you get paid, HELLO!

I visited her WEBSITE and it has her pricing which ranges from $50-$90. Jackie states that people do become aroused, which is normal and not to be embarrassed, however, there is absolutely no sexual intercourse. My thought? I’m sure she’s probably having sex under certain “special” circumstances. What got me laughing was her bartering policy:
“Because Jacqueline appreciates the value of goods and services over money, she is eager to trade snuggles for select items and services. These include but are not limited to:
1. Organic, local produce and free range eggs
2. Deep tissue massages from experienced massage therapists
3. Legos
4. Jeffrey Campbell shoes
5. Trade services such as plumbing, painting, electrical, hardwood floor refinishing, and HVAC. Must be from experienced professionals.
6. Acupuncture
7. Automotive Services
8. Dryer (gas)- installation included
9. Lawn mowing/plowing/landscaping ”

Legos? Is she not able to buy this on her own? Her worth is definitely questionable with this one, haha. Oh and what about them eggs???

According to Jackie Samuel her neighbors want her out. I can see their position, who wants unwanted traffic of many men and/or women going in and out the home? I sure wouldn’t, but I respect her hustle. What’s dangerous is this could easily become a tragic event depending on the client. Who knows who the person is walking into her home is? No one, but the crazy person themselves.

When I first heard of this I asked my boyfriend if I could do it and he gave me the infamous side eye, haha. He said “you don’t even snuggle.” I responded well if you paid me I would do anything you want!” Well he got his wallet out and it turned into a different topic, haha.

We use to sleep on top of each other it was as if he was my life support and I had to be attached to him, but now it’s more like:


Now I can only snuggle with my daughter. I love snuggling with Baby Z!


Any-who, this Jackie chick has my wheels turning! I need to put on my thinking hat and think of how I can milk people for their money!

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