The Right Way to Propose


Like I’ve said before, I don’t really believe in marriage, but that doesn’t stop me from planning my wedding in my head! I also think about how I’ll be proposed to. I’ve seen such great unique proposals I won’t settle for a measly kneeling. Also the last thing I would ever want is to get proposed to on a holiday or special occasion such as your birthday– I’ll get into that in a minute.

I think the perfect proposal would be something thoughtful that means something to either just them or both of you. For instance, if you guys are sex-crazed-animals then perhaps the perfect way to propose to your spouse is to ask them at the sex museum with the ring on top of a plastic penis– or vagina whichever your preference. If you both love hotdogs then do it at their house with tons of hotdog balloons everywhere and tons of hotdogs to eat– not really but you know where I’m getting at.


What you must not do is the typical cliche-corny way of proposing. Proposing at any type of sporting stadium is tacky and uncalled for! So is putting the ring in food, I mean what year are we in that we can’t be creative?

I for one would want my family there to experience it firsthand with me and to film and take tons for photos! And having my daughter involved in it would just make it that much more special. It’s sad to think it may never happen since I have such a fear of marriage, but I do believe in being engaged 🙂

Here is an example- the girl loved dogs so her future fiancé came up with a great idea to include dogs in his proposal. Make sure you have tissues at hand!

Besides an amazing proposal you have to know when you’ll pop the question. I don’t think much thought goes into it because the day in which you propose doesn’t matter much unless you plan proposing on a holiday. To me this the worst thing you could do. Don’t get me wrong a proposal regardless of it being on a holiday is still beautiful just not for me. I also understand that it may be convenient to propose on a holiday since its likely the whole family is together, but I absolutely hate it! Now here’s why…

Say he proposes on Christmas, Valentines day, your birthday or even Presidents’ Day for that matter and you guys split up you will be forever scarred of that holiday. After a few years I’m sure you’ll be over them, but you’ll never forget that on Christmas Eve my then husband or wife proposed to me. Now your drinking yourself to sleep every Christmas Eve reminiscing on happier times and drunk dialing them a couple of times to tell them how much you hate them– it’s just not a good look for you. That’s probably just a bit of an exaggeration, but am I not going somewhere here? And you’re probably thinking this won’t apply to you because you’re a delusional optimist and your marriage is so perfect because you say it is on your social media, but it happens to many people.

So if you’re thinking of popping the question think of the advice I’ve given you; unique and romantic way to do it and try not to propose on a holiday!

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