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The Perfect Christmas Tree!

First weekend of December it’s tradition that we go get our perfect Christmas tree– a real one at that. I grew up not ever having a real tree, but am absolutely in love with it since last year! We ended up at Santa’s Christmas Tree Farm which was about two hours away, but well worth it. It was tons of fun introducing this tradition of hunting for the perfect Christmas tree and then cutting it down ourselves. You can watch the whole adventure in my exclusive YouTube video where I’ll also show you how I’ve decorated my tiny apartment.

Also, for those wanting to get a real Christmas tree I wrote a blog last year giving some helpful tips- HERE! Or to find out what our family traditions are check out what we do every year!

real christmas tree

santas christmas tree farm

father daughter

family portrait


cute baby
Hugging the trees

christmas shopping

santa claus

santa and toddler
We took photos all together first and then sat Z with Santa alone and it was fine!

precious moments

latina blogger

funny family
It wouldn’t be us without acting crazy!


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    Christmas Tradition & Home Decor -
    Dec 7, 2015 at 12:02 am

    […] we visited Santa’s Christmas Tree Farm (you could check out our photos from last year’s experience) and figured we go there again since we had such a great […]

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