The Hospital Swag Bag

*ME AND MY MOMMY <3 * It's been a baby epidemic this past year from my sister-in-law being pregnant, to my best friend and old school friends and it's continuing. One of my closest and dearest friends confided in me that she's pregnant and I couldn't be happier! Many people like to wait until they are in their second trimester (meaning the beginning of their 4th month to the end of the 6th month) to tell everyone the great news, so that the risk of miscarriage is lower. As for me I told everyone I was squeezing out a mini-me when I was 5 weeks, haha. Couldn't help it! I remember sending everyone this message after telling my family: 20120926-003248.jpg Just a quick FYI the time was 3:33 PM not AM, who wakes up at that time to pee on a stick?

Anyways, I told my friend that I would be writing about what I went through, baby shower registry, relationship during pregnancy and whatever else pops in my head. The most important thing I told her was what to do at the hospital, more less what to take! So for expectant mothers, here ya go:

1. Stack up on all those pads they have for you! Yes, we bleed afterwards- GROSS! Now, get over it. I would take a whole bunch at a time and put them in a bag, even took cases of it. They won’t know!

2. Take a bunch of the baby shirts they give you. They are so not fashionable, but so worth your baby throwing up and ruining them. I took one and saved it just for my memories. I don’t have any extras because no one had told me to take them!

3. Take those blankets too!! Keep one for yourself for memories, but the rest can get dirty since they aren’t that pretty anyways.

4. Formula! When I was at the hospital, before Bloomberg’s stupid breast-feeding “Latch-on NYC” program was in affect, I took a bunch of formula home because I was breast-feeding and giving Baby Z formula. Unfortunately, a lot of them were thrown away because she couldn’t keep the Similac down.

5. Do I even have to say the obvious? Take the diapers! Everyday your man should be taking home a freaking garbage bag of diapers. By the way, the wet indicators on the diapers are amazing and helpful, that’s why their amazing 🙂

6. Take a good hand full of the pacifiers they give you. My daughter loves them and they come in handy.

That’s about all the “free” stuff you can get your hands on. Just one last thing, be discreet, don’t get caught!

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