The First Date


It’s Friday night and you have somewhat of a blind date. You’ve seen photos of this guy from your friend and have spoken to him constantly through text messages and/or on the phone. So the time has come to meet face-to-face.

Your stomach turns, anxiety of what you’re going to wear kicks in, what will he actually look like, what will you guys talk about, consume you so much that you may have already ruined the date. So many people get overwhelmed over dating I don’t get it. Yes, you want to be unbelievably hot, smart and funny, but if that’s usually you then what’s there to worry about?

Confidence is hard to have, I know this first-hand, but over the years and having ‘matured’ a bit I’ve learned that confidence itself exudes so much more than sexiness. Remember that and practice!


After you’ve practiced the confidence factor it’s time to figure out what to wear. The fast secret to this is not trying to wear something that isn’t you. If you would go out to dinner with friends in faux-leather pants, peplum top and heels then that’s the perfect out for your date. If you’re the kind of girl who wears flats instead of heels then wear that. Be you that’s who he wants to know. You also have to dress according to where your going too. Night time– dress up to show off. Daytime– dress, jacket/blazer, heels or flats. It’s really all the same. I can go to the market and the way I dress to go to brunch with my boyfriend is the same way I’ll dress to buy milk and cookies.

Now moving along–

Date night isn’t only scary for us women, men as much as they want to be macho feel anxiety too. They’re the ones that also have to look like a million bucks (because what woman wouldn’t love that), they have to pay and most importantly figure out where to take us. Granted you’ve been speaking on a daily basis and should have an idea of her likes/dislikes, but you don’t know her that well.

I say don’t be too romantic on the first date. Why? Well, times have changed. We love chivalry, but some woman feel overwhelmed when a man is too into her. That’s just how we’ve become wired in society unfortunately. So tone it down a bit. Hold doors of course, be polite and unless your going to be opening her car door forever don’t start something you won’t be continuing later on– hate that!

A typical best date if it’s during the daytime is something a bit interactive if she’s that kind of lady. Tons of activities to do; bowling, golfing, picnic, baseball game, amusement park. If she’s a bore then a museum, art gallery or walk through Central Park is nice.


Night time dates what else than a dinner, right? Don’t chose a typical restaurant like Olive Garden. Great food! But I’m sure she’s been there done that. Be memorable on choosing a place that isn’t played out on television for instance.

Movies are good, but just understand you can’t get to know each other if there’s a movie playing and if she’s anything like me she’ll be telling you to zip-it! As for me, I would always suggest Dave & Busters day or night. I absolutely love playing arcade games and it helps that they have food and liquor to calm your nerves, but never have more than two drinks! Tipsy or intoxication is not a flattering side for someone to see on the first date unless you want to be seen as a floozey. Comprende?

Men need to dress appropriately as well. If you’re the type to wear hats then wear a hat, just make sure to take it off when you’re sitting down for dinner (if that’s where you went). Wearing hats during the day is fine. Dress how you always dress. I personally wouldn’t mind seeing you coming straight from work with a suit 🙂

Oh, and now after the date is over comes that awkward moment where you don’t know whether she wants a kiss or wouldn’t mind a kiss. I say do it! Kissing on the first date is fine. What isn’t fine is having a make-out session with your breath all on his neck and your tongue intertwined in his– YUCK.

Now hopefully I’ve calmed you down with this here article and you can relax. Have fun!



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