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The Birds and the Bees: Lets Talk About Sex

The Birds and the Bees: Lets Talk About Sex

The birds and the bees. I’m not even at that stage in life to discuss all the sex talk with my daughter, yet here I am speaking on it. Since I started my two Youtube channels I started getting messages from young kids who seeked my advice from boys, school, bullying and even sex, therefore decided instead of just giving that specific person advice why not give it to everyone? I did a video on my experience on it, boys and just the whole mess. It’s honest, truthful and straight-forward with a bit of my awesome personality mixed into it. You can watch the video below-

It’s extremely important to talk to your child about their bodies, molestation and sex. They need to know it all, it may uncomfortable and you may even think it’s unnecessary to discuss it with your child under the age of 5 for instance, but kids are way too smart for our own good. We need to get to them before someone else feeds them the wrong information or even worse does something to them. Ziana is three and since she was two I was already speaking to her about her private parts and how only I can touch it to wash her up. Does she completely get it? No, but staying consistent she’ll eventually get it.

Now moving on to sex. Young kids today are having it, as much as we can’t fathom the thought of such innocence going down the drain there’s no way to avoid it. Lock your child up in their room? Not going to work. Talking to your child about it, watching movies or Dateline anything dealing with real life stories may help. It’s not going to completely deter them to stay away from it or even explore it, but they’ll know what’s going on.

I spoke on the video on how many young girls think that having sex equates to someone loving them when in fact it’s not even close to that. Sex at a young age isn’t anything really special. All parties are young and think that their boyfriend/girlfriend is THE ONE they’ll be with forever and they won’t love anyone else. I just want to smack them when I hear that and even wish I could go back in time and punch myself in the face for talking nonsense. I just want my young impressionable kids to know not everything is a fairytale, not every guy you like and says he likes you back really likes you back, sex does not mean love, everyone will know what you did, so on and so on.

If anything if you feel that it’s your time to explore the waters of this complicated adult life I warn you isn’t all that once it’s over and done with, at least be SAFE. Condoms and birth control is the best thing to protect you from diseases and pregnancy. Never ever have sex without a condom because even if he doesn’t ejaculate inside you, you could still get pregnant. And you think their faithful? No one ever really knows for sure and you don’t want to contact anything just to prove to them you love them. Capiche?

What advice would you give your young self?

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