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Classic Thanksgiving Dinner Vs. A Spanish Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving, probably my favorite holiday. No stress of getting people presents, nobody goes broke, it’s just all about eating until your jeans can’t button while spending time with family and close friends. This is what we know Thanksgiving to be now, not the massacre.

Anyways, the traditional foods on Thanksgiving is very different from a Spanish households foods. I remember last year celebrating Thanksgiving at my boyfriends mothers house and it was very different. He’s a white boy and their meals are nothing compared to meals that I’m use to. Their foods were that of a classic thanksgiving dinner; turkey, stuffing, corn, potatoes, mashed potatoes, cranberries, string beans, ham and pie. Where was the rice? Beans? It was obviously a joke that I didn’t find funny, right? Oh, but it wasn’t. Thankfully, his aunt knowing my picky eating habits had made lasagna! Haha.

Now welcome to my family’s household or any Spanish persons household– you have turkey, stuffing, ribs, pork, rice, beans, potato salad, mashed potatoes, Mac and cheese, sweet potato and whatever else they think of. Now that’s a meal! Why must there be limitations? Even for breakfast when there’s a ton of people we eat big! I’m Spanish where left overs from dinner become breakfast for the next day. We love to eat, adding extra numbers to our cholesterol levels and gaining weight is far from our minds, haha. My boyfriend always makes fun of my family for this. If you think of it it is pretty funny how we “butcher” traditions and make them our own.

I forgot that when you get into a relationship you have to deal with their family and their traditions. Which means that if you’re dating outside your culture be ready for some weird stuff!

Did I mention Thanksgiving is at his mom’s house again? Maybe I need to give a crash course on how to cook some mean pollo a la brasa (rotisserie chicken) and rice with beans because I don’t think I can do another holiday without a “real” meal! Haha, Just kidding. Luckily, I was blessed with a great second family.

Doesn’t the above caption photo fit perfectly? 🙂

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