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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles at the Liberty Science Center

**I was given free tickets to attend Liberty Science Center in exchange for a review**

tmnt museum exhibit

I always enjoyed TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) growing up as a kid. It was something my brother and I shared together and it was special to me, since it was the only thing we had in common. However, I was never obsessed like my boyfriend and Ziana are. This man has gotten my daughter all wrapped up into what it is to be a true ‘Ninja Turtle’ she thinks by putting on a mask she actually is one and that turtles do turn into a bigger version to fight crime. So when we were invited to check out Liberty Science Center’s (LSC) new exhibition featuring the four beloved heroes, it was like my gift to them.

LSC is the first place on the East Coast to premiere the exhibit, which has tons of activities for your little one. Visitors are transported to the underground home of the Ninja Turtles to learn about how they fight crime, booth strategically and comically. Here are some of whst the exhibit has to offer:

– Build a “bridge” together and think creatively as a a team to overcome challenges
– Assemble two electrical circuit puzzles by taking one apart to build another
– Navigate the rope maze
– Practice Ninja speed and slicing skills while playing a dexterity-based computer game
– Practice your balance on skateboards
– Create a sewer pipe together and see where it goes

If you still haven’t made it out fret not the exhibit will be open until September 5th!
$21.75 for adults, $18.75 senior citizens and $17.75 for children, children under 2 are free)

playing child

leonardo ninja turtle

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liberty science center

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rope maze


climbing high

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how to rock climb

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