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Condom Challenge Anyone?

Yes, that’s right, condom challenge anyone? If you haven’t heard there’s a new trend going on among these dumb kids. This is where you take a condom, roll it out, snort it through one of your nostrils and pull it out your mouth. Read it again if you must, I’ll wait… What satisfaction does this exactly bring? Has to be some kind of high, but nope that’s not it. They’re…

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Weekend Vlogging

What an eventful weekend it’s been! Saturday night was a friends birthday and of course you can’t bring a 7 month old to the lounge so I had my parents babysit for the night. As a thank you to them I made some lasagna– well Ziti, but in the same way you make your lasagna. Here is the vlog as a warm up on me preparing… [youtube][/youtube] Now it was…

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Lights, Video, ACTION!

Since being a stay-at-home-mom I have more time, which means I’ve dabbled in just about anything I can learn. I started a blog in July, been messing with taking pictures with my Nikon and using Light Room and now I’m trying to learn how to make videos. This past weekend I got Baby Z’s ears pierced and have it all on video. So while she was in tears I was…

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