Weekend Vlogging

What an eventful weekend it’s been! Saturday night was a friends birthday and of course you can’t bring a 7 month old to the lounge so I had my parents babysit for the night. As a thank you to them I made some lasagna– well Ziti, but in the same way you make your lasagna. Here is the vlog as a warm up on me preparing…


Now it was time for the taste test, wish me luck!

If you want to know the recipe I used just click here. I substituted beef with turkey since we have given up beef and added more ricotta cheese. The recipe states to have the meat and sauce simmer for an hour and a half which I highly recommend if you can do it. I totally forgot that it had to simmer for a long time and didn’t have time so mine just simmered for 25 minutes.



And that’s how it’s done ladies and gentlemen…

Once I packed all of Ziana’s things she was on her way to her abuelo’s house and we relaxed until our night began. It felt very different not having Ziana move around, laugh, whimper or anything. I wished my little Buddha Belly goodnight on FaceTime before heading out…


Now it was time to party!!

20130120-221710.jpg Instagram (@PeruvianConnect)

Now, onto the real news! It was not only a victory for the 49ers heading to the Superbowl, but it was also a victory for Ziana who finally CRAWLED! Just a week ago she was doing her army crawl and then started crawling! What an amazing moment 🙂


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