Lights, Video, ACTION!

Since being a stay-at-home-mom I have more time, which means I’ve dabbled in just about anything I can learn. I started a blog in July, been messing with taking pictures with my Nikon and using Light Room and now I’m trying to learn how to make videos.

This past weekend I got Baby Z’s ears pierced and have it all on video. So while she was in tears I was just recording instead of consoling my poor daughter, haha. I opened up Vegas Pro and was taught just a few basics and got to working. I just used fading, trimming, and adjusted velocity.It took me three days to figure out the basic and then try to find a song that would fit the video. Once I found the song I had to look for a cover. Quite a challenge I must say.

Now, without further a do here is my first video taken and edited by ME in Claire’s at Roosevelt Field Mall: LIGHTS, VIDEO, ACTION!


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