Condom Challenge Anyone?


Yes, that’s right, condom challenge anyone? If you haven’t heard there’s a new trend going on among these dumb kids. This is where you take a condom, roll it out, snort it through one of your nostrils and pull it out your mouth. Read it again if you must, I’ll wait…

What satisfaction does this exactly bring? Has to be some kind of high, but nope that’s not it. They’re doing it just because, just because what else is there a teenager can do (sigh eye)? The whole trend started back in 2006 and then started up again in 2012, but didn’t receive any type of attention. Not until April 2013 when a dummy by the name of Amber-Lynn Strong also followed in the footsteps o the other dummy’s and did the “Condom Challenge” herself. Two days after her video Huffington Post and other news outlets publicized it on their sites.

[youtube width=”500″ height=”400″][/youtube]

I’m sure you made Taylor Swift proud as you play her song in the background haha.

What’s even worse is that even dumber kids are following in her foot steps. Just YouTube “Condom Challenge” and you’ll see it all. Whose video is the best? I guess it depends on who does it the fastest and doesn’t die.

Hey Amber and all you idiots out there, change your name now because future employers will see this and I’m sure they won’t want to hire a moron. Next, go apologize to your parents for being a dimwit. Lastly, go play outside and play tag like a normal child use to.

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